15 Most Comfortable Underwear Pieces For Commando Lovers Because If You Must Wear Undies, They Should Feel Like A Dream

Let's face it: sometimes there are days when you just want to go commando. But other times, you just kind of need to wear some undies, especially when summer dresses and skirts are in season. But, here's the good news: the most comfortable underwear out there will make you feel like you're not even wearing any. There are tons of seamless, microfiber, and lace alternatives for those of you who hate the feeling of fabric on your bottom. For those willing to give going commando a break, here are the 15 most comfortable underwear pieces that basically feel like the same thing.

Me Undies Boyshorts


Camo Boyshorts, $16, Me Undies

Victoria's Secret Seamless Little Shortie

I highly recommend these lightweight and super “seamless” shorties for dresses and skirts.

Seamless Little Shortie, $12, Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret No-Show Hiphugger Panty

This pair of underwear is perfect if you’re going for a commando feel. No wires or lines.

Victoria’s Secret No-Show Hiphugger Panty, $17, Amazon

True & Co. Hidden Hipster Panty

This comfy pair is made with “buttery soft microfiber.” In other words, perfection.

Hidden Hipster Panty, $16, True & Co.

Hanky Panky Cross-Dyed Brazilian Bikini

This sexy pair is made with a minimal amount of material, while still providing major comfort.

Hanky Panky Cross-Dyed Brazilian Bikini, $32, Amazon

Calvin Klein Seamless Ombre Hipster

Everyone loves their Calvins for a reason.

Calvin Klein Seamless Ombre Hipster, $10, Amazon

Commando Cotton Bikini

I can only imagine how comfortable this pair of cotton-made panties are. Oh, and if that’s not convincing enough, the brand is called Commando.

Commando Cotton Bikini, $30, Amazon

Commando Classic Boy Short

Commando also makes boyshorts, in addition to a variety of other different types of underwear.

Commando Classic Boy Short, $28, Amazon

Warner's No Pinching. No Problem. Lace-Trim Hipster

Forever 21 Lace Trimmed Cheeky Bikini

Just because you want super comfort doesn’t mean it has to be extremely expensive.

Lace Trimmed Cheeky Bikini, $4, Forever21

Urban Outfitters No Lines Lasercut Hipster

Super cute, comfortable, and only $25 for five pairs? Count me in.

No Lines Lasercut Hipster, $8, Urban Outfitters

Aerie Boybrief

The lace trim of these panties really help create a commando feel. You barely feel them!

Aerie Boybrief, $8, Aerie

Aerie Vintage Lace Boybrief

These lace panties are also really lightweight, and easy to wear under anything.

Aerie Vintage Lace Boybrief, $13, Aerie

H&M Microfiber Hipster Brief

H&M Microfiber Boyshorts

This pair needs to be in every commando lover’s closet.

Microfiber Boyshorts , $4, H&M