6 Daily Habits That May Be Hurting Your Fertility

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For many women, trying for a baby is a phase in their life that couldn't come soon enough. For others, the thought of having a kid may seem far, far away. Either way, if motherhood has ever crossed your mind, making sure you're not doing things that may hurt your fertility is probably a safe bet if you're the extra-cautious type. Regardless of how you currently feel about bearing a child, what you do in your life now could very well affect your chances of conceiving later.

Though certain lifestyle choices can have an impact on your fertility, there's no need to panic and feel the need to completely restructure your life in hopes of having a baby at a later time. Though there's no one rule to improving your fertility, trying to keep your body as healthy as possible can help make the process easier, so try not to participate in these six habits to avoid hurting your fertility.

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