Is Lifetime's 'I Killed My BFF' A True Story?

Man, friendship can be deadly — especially in a Lifetime movie. In the network's telefilms, friends often cheat, steal, betray, and sometimes even kill. And based on the title, you'll know exactly what to expect from the newest TV movie called I Killed My BFF , premiering on Saturday. Not only does the movie involve BFF-on-BFF crime, but it's also based on a true story from Lifetime Movie Network's reality series of the same name. Specifically, I Killed My BFF the movie is based on an I Killed My BFF the series episode called "The Babysitter."

In the true story retold on LMN in 2013, in the late '90s, Jamie Dennis-Gianakos and Anne Camp were two young moms who developed a fast friendship and Camp became Dennis-Gianakos' babysitter. But times got tough for the Gianakos family, and they robbed a motel. Camp knew about Dennis-Gianakos' and her husband Michael's motel robbery — and thus, prosecutors alleged, the couple was motived to kill Camp. Both husband and wife were convicted in 2000: Jamie was sentenced to 25 years for her involvement in the murder (she admitted to helping to move Camp's body) and Michael is serving a life-sentence for drugging Camp with a wine cooler then shooting her in the head, reports the Bismarck Tribune. The Bemidji Pioneer assets that Michael maintains his innocence. That's the real version. As for the fictional version, the characters Shane (30 Rock's Katrina Bowden) and Heather (Rescue Me's Olivia Crocicchia) are young moms who are fast friends who also fall on hard times. But will one resort to the same actions the Gianakoses took? We will have to wait until Saturday to see.

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But don't think this is the only true BFF murder case. LMN's I Killed My BFF series featured many compelling episodes. Check out some of the trailers to the episodes below.

"More Than Friends"

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Todd and free-spirited Amber are so different, but on a camping trip they became friends. But then another girl enters the picture and the (deadly) jealousy begins.

"First Love Is The Deadliest"

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According to the Amazon summary of the Season 3 episode, two Pennsylvania girls are the bestest friends as young girls, but then things turn deadly once they become lovers.

"My Best Friend The Serial Killer"

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Two's company, but three's a crowd, right? For these BFFs wanted to be famous, but one decided to become infamous — for committing murders.

"Alabama Love Triangle"

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I'm sensing a theme here with all the love triangles. In this one, two men are the best of bros, until a woman comes between them.

"The Butcher"

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Here's another love triangle. Robert and Dean are the bestest friends that ever could be... until Robert has an affair with Dean's wife Janice. Dun dun dunnn.

"Cabin Fever"

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Sometimes living with friends can be awesome — but then sometimes friends make the worst roommates ever. In this episode, two BFFs decide to move in together, but one's horrible secret makes the cabin they share turn — you guessed it — deadly.

Image: Jarrett Creative/Lifetime