The 50 Shades of Grey movie's just heating up with first looks at the actors in character, but in the meantime its author has moved on to the next thing: E.L. James has a new book, which she just revealed. However, it is yet to be seen which previous work's fan fiction this one is based from.

James revealed the existence of this new material in an interview with Entertainment Weekly for its 50 Shades issue. "I've written another book," she said, not elaborating on what it's about, but commenting that "It's very different than Fifty."

I should disclose at this point that while I'm all for the wider acceptance of erotica that 50 Shades brought about, I'm not the hugest fans of the prose within 50 Shades, nor its blatant misrepresentations of BDSM. My official position is that, as is evident with 50 Shades' origin, there's plenty of fan fiction and erotica available for free on the Internet, much of it more masterfully written.

Regardless of my personal opinions on the matter, however, it's always nice to give people a chance to improve creatively, and I'm sure this news will excite a lot of people — though sadly for them James is unsure when or if the new material will reach publication.

As for the "if," though, she wrote one of the best-selling books in recent history, so we kind of doubt publishers would be turning their noses up at the opportunity to get in on part two.