9 Victoria Beckham Designs She Should Revamp For A Fast Fashion H&M Collection

Victoria Beckham has set my fashion heart aflutter when in a 92Y talk with New York Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis, she noted that she'd love to launch a fast fashion Victoria Beckham for H&M collection. I mean, this is pretty much the best news ever for lovers of Victoria Beckham's designs who don't have or want the funds needed to purchase from the 41-year-old, chic designer's own label.

So I guess I'll leave that to her fellow celebrities and fashion gurus, but a line designed specifically for Swedish mainstream clothing giant H&M? That would put Beckham's designs right in our local malls and into our envious hands!

Beckham told The Cut :

"I'd like to work on clothing pricing and I'd like to reach more people, and I would like to offer clothes to people who don't want to pay designer prices."

Posh, you've got an even more massive fan in me now! And guys, if you're feeling what I'm feeling right now, you're beaming over the fact that she is speaking directly to your trendy-but-on-a-budget sartorial heart!

It makes sense that Beckham would choose H&M for this kind of collaborative project: 1. Her hubby David Beckham has been working with the brand since 2012, with his own successful menswear line. And 2. Her clean cut and chic composition in her clothing meshes incredibly well with the preexisting aesthetic we're used to seeing at H&M.

There's a sense of class and sophistication in Beckham's collections that has just enough edge to keep her looks relevant and modern. But I'm sure she could come up with some fresh pieces set aside specifically for the H&M market.

Well, I for one am ready to grab up whatever Posh Spice has cooking in that inspiring designer's mind of hers, so here are nine pieces from her current collection that I'd love to see recreated for a budget-friendly, Millennial-geared line:

1. T-Shirt Sleeve Dress

T-Shirt Fitted, $2365, victoriabeckham.com

I'll start with a few pieces from her ready to wear line. Obviously it'll be nice to see something like this at an H&M price, instead of the amount listed above. I can't even imagine being able to pay for that.

But anyway, this simple dress is a staple item, which is why most of her looks work so well. They're simplistic, so you get to be the one to interpret how you're going to wear it. I love the inspiration to be an individual.

2. Tux Lapel Jacket

Tux Lapel Jacket, $2950, victoriabeckham.com

It seems Beckham is inspired by menswear in many of her looks, and I think she'd be able to give a special something to the H&M market with pieces like this one. Side note: It's perfect for dressing up or down.

3. Arm Band Dress

Arm Band Shift, $1855, victoriabeckham.com

She's been able to bring a little of her British roots to America with her designs, and they won't go unnoticed or disliked if they make it to the H&M racks. Pieces like this one would give me all the cute Twiggy vibes I'd need to feel so '60s mod.

4. Patterned Dress

Wrap Midi, $2097, victoriabeckham.com

In keeping with her simplistic approach to her line, Beckham's prints are subtle but with the perfect amount of attention given to any classic fashion-loving girl's wardrobe. A romantic and traditionally feminine piece, I could easily see designs like this one being gobbled up by H&M customers.

5. Mini Victoria Bag

Mini Victoria Bag, $1663, victoriabeckham.com

Moving on to accessories, this signature bag from her collection would have to be in a potential H&M line. It just screams "Victoria," as it obviously carries her namesake! I'd also love to see this done in lots of bright colors or even earth tones, depending on the season.

6. Button Up And Skirt Combo

Printed Button Through Eyelet Skirt Combo, $1500, victoriabeckham.com

This one is from her Victoria Victoria Beckham collection, which offers a little more pizzazz than her ready to wear line. The combination of prints adds just the right amount of attention without being too loud.

7. Graphic Tees

Applique Woven Tee, $350, victoriabeckham.com

Judging by another item from the Victoria Victoria Beckham line, her aesthetic for graphic design would work perfectly for the H&M clientele. There's something random enough about this tee that would make it universally appealing across sartorial genres, quite simply because it's fun to make a statement with your t-shirt.

8. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend, $375, victoriabeckham.com

From Beckham's denim line, these boyfriend jeans are also a must. Slouchy and comfortable, I'd probably need to buy a few pairs in classic blue, black, and maybe even a lighter wash.

9. Harrington Jacket

Harrington Jacket, $790, victoriabeckham.com

There had to be at least something from her line that relates to the total hipsters (OK, that's me occasionally) out there. This jacket is the perfect addition to the collection I hope becomes a reality. That army green and collar design is just way too cool for me not to be able to get my hands on one.

In addition to being a match made in sartorial heaven, I'd love to see Beckham's designs at H&M because there's a real chance that those looks would be available in plus sizes — which is something that she doesn't offer on her label's website. So... I can't see anything bad about this potential union. Let us now begin the countdown.

Images: Getty; Courtesy Victoria Beckham