India's First-Ever Lesbian Ad Has Seen Incredible Success In A Country Where Being Gay Is Actually Still Illegal — VIDEO

It's incredibly heartening to see that the gay rights tide is changing not only in the States, but elsewhere in the world. This week, India saw its first lesbian ad, titled "The Visit," featuring a same-sex couple going to meet one of the woman's parents. The ad, which was made for clothing company Anouk Ethnic, has become exceedingly popular in just days. The creators made the commercial in hopes of shifting the perception of homosexuality in India, where being gay is illegal. The fact that the ad has blown up on social media is a promising sign that the country has increasingly accepting of all couples, no matter their sexual orientation.

The production house behind the film told The Times of India that they thought carefully about how to portray the lesbian couple in India's first ad of its kind. Avishek Ghosh, co-partner of Hectic Content, said:

The authenticity of the ad clearly appealed to the masses because Manish Aggarwal, vice president of marketing at Myntra Fashion, who is promoting the ad, told The Times of India that "the ad has got 3 million views across social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc." Without further ado, here's a frame-by-frame of India's groundbreaking new ad:

The spot starts by showcasing some of the brand's gorgeous apparel.

One of the women — we'll call her R — is getting ready.

While the other one — we'll call her S — is napping.

At first, you'd surmise that it's S's parents they're going to meet, since she seems so nonchalant and R is trying hard to impress. However, you find out through their conversation that it's actually R's parents who are visiting. Now it makes even more sense that R is trying hard to impress — your own parents can be way scarier.

Don't worry, R, you're ridiculously stunning.

In a very genuine and adorable moment, R tells S that she's borrowing her eyeliner — one of the many benefits of dating another woman.

S asks what time they're coming, and R responds they must be on their way.

So S gets up to get ready. I really appreciate her "whatever, they're gonna love me" attitude.

R asks S to help choose which earrings she should wear.

S chooses the larger hoops. Go big or go home, right?

Suddenly, the phone rings.

Looks like the 'rents are almost there.

How amazing is their apartment??

We all know this feeling — anxiously waiting for your parents to arrive and for all hell to possibly break loose.

S comes out all changed and ready and R remarks, "You're wearing my kurta."

S replies, "I want your mom to like me." Smart girl.

But R teases that her mom doesn't like short hair.

It doesn't matter, R says, because "I like your short hair."

The couple share a tender moment.

But it's clear that S is nervous.

"Are you sure about this?" S asks.

"I'm sure about us," R responds.

"And I don't want to hide it anymore."

How beautiful is that? How beautiful are they?

The parents call to say they've arrived.

Here goes nothing...

The tagline for the video is "Bold is beautiful." And there's nothing bolder than being honest with yourself and your loved ones.

Watch the entire ad below.

Myntra on YouTube

Images: Myntra/YouTube