This Baby Trying To Eat A GoPro Camera Is Basically The Next 'Jaws,' Plus 5 Other Times Babies Didn't Understand GoPros — VIDEO

Babies are so stupid. It's not their fault, it's just how it is. I mean look at them, with those big chubby cheeks and slobbery mouths. The baby in this video is particularly stupid, as this baby tries to eat a GoPro camera. Starting across the room, the baby crawls at lightning speed towards the camera, pulling itself across the room like a legless zombie. This is a horrific time in a baby's life. When it's not strong enough to walk but it can still wriggle itself across the floor with unprecedented speed. I imagine if you were a very small thing, seeing this very big, happy, drooling thing coming at you would be very scary. Although I don't really need to imagine, because this video is exactly that.

Once the baby reaches the GoPro, it does what babies do best: It puts it in its mouth. Watching that toothless, gaping maw descend from the camera's POV is disquieting, as all descends to blackness. Silly baby, don't you know you're not supposed to put wearable tech in your mouth? Meanwhile, the camera flashes past dad supervising, and it appears that dad is either Jon Snow or a Jon Snow lookalike. Winter is, indeed, coming.


Watch the whole terrifying ordeal below and be thankful that shrink rays aren't a thing yet because if they were babies would be the biggest threat to our survival:

jack heyman on YouTube

Here are some more dumb babies who think gopros are food:

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Cute Kid Caleah on YouTube

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Drew Cropp on YouTube

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Aaron Kirack on YouTube

5. This cute guy who goes mouth first into a GoPro

We Michaud on YouTube

Babies: Screwing up our hardware since the damn day they were born.

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