10 Years Ago BSB Got Serious With "Incomplete"

by Rachel Semigran

The beauty of reaching your late 20s and 30s is that you no longer give a hoot about what is "hip" and "with it." I have unabashedly loved the Backstreet Boys since I was a tween and I sing their praises perhaps now more than ever. The greatest '90s boy band just celebrated their 20th anniversary as a group, released a documentary, and continue to record new albums and tour as a fearsome fivesome. Sure, they're pretty much all married and have kids (come on Nick Carter! Bless the world with your offspring!), but they're still the ultimate boy band. Ten years ago they released Never Gone. It may not have been a critical success, but it was still a landmark in the band's career. It's what happened after the bubble gum pop phenomenon fizzled out — they kept going.

The video for the lead single "Incomplete" is cheesy, overly-dramatic, and at times outright ridiculous. But, of course, that's what makes it all the more lovable. In what looks like the longest commercial for Lucky Brand jeans, the fellas sing to the sky in a desert, a wintry forest, and a violent ocean. There's fire, rain, and snow! There's an explosion! There's really bad hair! What does it all mean? Let's explore...

1. Mmmm Yes, AJ Starting It Off With That Silky-Smooth Voice

You go with those painted nails!

2. Howie! Stop Lurking In The Laundry!

So I creep, yeaaaaaaah...

3. Oh I Love The Slow Fade

Hello, Nicholas Gene Carter!

4. Brian, What's Wrong?

Look at that heavenly glow. Why so serious?

5. There Is So Much Smouldering Happening Here

Can we all give it up for Kevin Richardson, please? He's by far the most under-appreciated hottie of them all.

6. Howie Is The King of Boy Band Hand Gestures

But this hair might be worse than that flat-ironed nonsense from "The Call" era.

7. Nick Is Very Upset With This Sand

You're going to ruin that denim!

8. But This Neck Move Is Everything

Classic Carter.

9. Naughty, Naughty Sand!


10. Howie And This Laundry Is Nothing But Trouble

You're going to get it dirty! You just slapped the ground!

11. AJ, It's Too Hot For A Scarf

Why are you all wearing so many clothes!? Whatever happened to the open silky pajamas and wet formal wear from years gone by?

12. Did The Boys Just Get Into A Freak Gasoline Fight Accident?

Run Nick, run!

13. It's Two Minutes And 20 Seconds In And This Is The First Real Bit Of Brian Face Time


14. And Now A Moment For Kevin Scott Richardson

I usually hate goatees, but you WORK it, good sir.

15. Having Some Major "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" Flashbacks Here

That rain is so real!


Sweat baby, sweat.

17. Again, With This Sand

I just want to know why Brian and Kevin Didn't Get Dirty.

18. Kevin Needs Another Moment Here


19. Bye, Guys!

Was Howie wearing leather pants?!

So, what did we learn from "Incomplete?" I'm not entirely sure, but I do know that it severely lacked quality Brian Littrell time and Kevin Richardson is especially fine when sat behind a piano. BSB FOREVER!

Watch the whole thing in all of its glory:

Images (19): BackstreetBoysVEVO/YouTube