Woman Freaks Out About Her Sister Having Twins, Earns Top Spot In Excited Aunt Hall Of Fame — VIDEO

When pregnant YouTube poster Jill invited her sister, Kelly, to her ultrasound appointment to find out the sex of her baby, Kelly had no idea that there was (literally) an extra surprise in store for her. Jill and her husband had just discovered that they were, in fact, expecting two bundles of joy, and they filmed the big reveal to Kelly. The resulting video is pure Internet gold: It shows the woman freaking out about her sister having twins. Seriously, you might want to turn down the volume on this one.

When I write “freaking out,” I’m not exaggerating. As soon as Kelly figures out that she’s seeing two babies in the ultrasound, and not one, she screams, “Oh my God!” and asks, “Can I have one? Can I have a baby? … Wow! Oh, I’m so jealous!” And here’s where things maybe get a little … iffy. She says, “I really want one. I was thinking today, if she has two, can I just have one? That will save me a trip! … You need me. You need me to take one. I just … I’ll take ‘em both!” Are these comments simply hilarious evidence of Kelly’s overwhelming excitement? Or are they kind of grating and inappropriate? I’m asking.


To be honest, if I found out I was having twins and told my sister about it, only to have her immediately blurt out, “Can I have one?”, I think I would feel pretty weird about it. (Although admittedly, if I found out I was having twins, I would also being in the middle of a nervous breakdown, so…maybe I’m not qualified to comment on this?). I’m not suggesting that the sister is actually asking to have one of these babies, but her repeated exclamations about being jealous and wanting to keep one of the kids, even in joking, hits an oddly passive aggressive note, and strangely makes the birth announcement about her, rather than the soon-to-be mom of twins.

That said, all sisters have their own dynamic, so who are we to judge an interaction between these two? After all, what one sister might read as passive aggressive, another sister could read as loving, enthusiastic happiness. For Jill’s part, she seems cool with everything, writing in the video’s comments that Kelly is “just the best sister and auntie ever!” Kelly explains her feelings in another comment on the video, saying that the whole “Can I have one” thing was a joke (mostly):

I was always the one in the family who had wanted twins. I talked about it constantly. But it doesn't run in our family, so it was a total pipe dream. 8 month earlier, though, Jillian Roberts Morin and I gave birth to girls just 2 weeks apart! So since she and I were so close, I felt like in a way God had given me the joy of twins without the responsibility because I could babysit her daughter anytime as well as have another baby the same age to compare. … [After Jill got pregnant again,] I came to the ultrasound for moral support just in case anything went wrong cuz complications can be higher (and to find out gender). I NEVER suspected twins though, So I was in utter shock when my eyes saw 2 heads. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing! So again, I felt like God was giving me the blessing of twins but without all the responsibility! Since my husband and want a second child, and Jill and I share so much, it seemed natural to ask if I could have one in the moment. I could help her with her burden, and get my 2nd baby without having to get pregnant again. … Of course I was kidding (mostly) but I was truly happy! I'm so thankful to God for these little identical twin miracles! I can't wait to meet them!

Whatever your feelings about the reaction in this video may be, it’s good to see a family so excited for its new arrivals. Watch the video below (and I’m not kidding about lowering the volume):

Image: YouTube (3)