Holiday Dressing: 9 Types of Outfits You Should Wear to Thanksgiving

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As we mentioned, there's a lot of pomp and circumstance around what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, and quite frankly, it doesn't need to be that complicated. We all know how the evening ends — in a tryptophan-induced food coma, of course. So let's be clear about fashion expectations here: this isn't about donning themed sweaters or ultra-formal dresses to a turkey-fueled day of gratitude, it's about successfully toeing the line between being uncomfortably overdressed, perfectly polished, and comfortably underdressed.

That's where these street-style fixtures come in. Let their perpetual "every day is a fashion show" attitude (and coordinating wardrobe) inspire your own Thanksgiving dress code. There's something for the '90s grunge-obsessed girl and the no-frills LBD wearer. There's something for the prepster and the girl who can't live without denim. And yes, there's even something appropriately chic for the girl who's going home to meet the parents.

Image: jxxsy/Instagram

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