Erykah Badu Has Bowl Cut That Will Give You Major Middle School Flashbacks

She is a lady of many eccentric styles, but this latest one just might take the cake. Erykah Badu revealed a bowl cut hairstyle the other day on Twitter, and it's kind of amazing (and super bold). While Badu's hair has run the full spectrum of styles, she has yet to try this middle school standby on for size until now. The singer posted a photo of her new do to Twitter on Tuesday without any explanation, just the simple and perfect caption of "Shroom."

The singer has always been a fashion trailblazer, unafraid of taking style risks, experimenting, and going out on a limb sartorially. Which is also why she's served as muse to so many designers over the years, most notably in her recent collaborations with Riccardo Tisci and her turn as the face of Givenchy, the brand that Tisci helms. The good news is her unique hairstyle is sure to fit snuggly underneath one of those three-foot tall Givenchy stovepipe hats Badu's so partial to.

Considering the daring singer's penchant for setting trends, don't be surprised when you start seeing more and more super thick, perfectly shaped mushroom cap hairdos on all of your girlfriends in the very near future.

Image: ErykahBadoula/Twitter