Ted Cruz & Grandpa Munster Are Twins & Here's 9 Times They Looked Spookily Similar

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Besides his batty wisdom, his Tea Party politics, and his painfully horrible timing, there's one other thing that defines Republican candidate Ted Cruz. What's that, you ask? Well, it just so happens that Ted Cruz looks exactly like Grandpa Munster of the beloved 1960s CBS sitcom The Munsters. With their blocky heads, big protruding ears, and ornery facial expressions, it's like the two were separated at birth. Like this one, their expression just screams, “I just did something bad, but I don’t care. Deal with it.” Cue the animated sunglasses.

Even though one is a U.S. senator and candidate for the 2016 Republican nominee and the other is a roughly 600-year-old undead vampire and doting grandfather, the two aren't really all that different. Besides their uncanny physical similarities, Cruz and Munster also share some common personality traits.

When Grandpa Munster feels slighted, he's been known to sulk around the Munster residence, guilt-tripping his family. When Cruz feels like he's not getting enough donation money, he sends out incredibly pouty emails that repeatedly talk about all the sacrifices he's made in order to run for president, guilt-tripping his supporters.

What's more, Munster is known as being a mad scientist who experiments with his potions and spells to concoct crazy inventions. Similarly, Cruz is known as "the Wacko Bird from Texas" who spouts crazy opinions on such things as climate change, space, and, of course, Obama.

So, really, it's just icing on the cake that Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster look so much alike. Here are eight other times Cruz and Munster could have been twins.

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