Fifth Harmony’s Acoustic “Worth It” Performance Will Blow You Away — VIDEO

You're not even ready for this: On Tuesday, Fifth Harmony performed an acoustic version of "Worth It" for U.K. television network 4Music, and it will absolutely blow you away. I didn't think I could love the track more than I already did, but I was wrong — so, so wrong. For those of you who are keeping track at home, "Worth It" is Fifth Harmony's biggest hit to date. Hooray! The song currently sits at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, No. 9 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart, and No. 8 on the Mediabase Top 40 radio chart. Congratulations, ladies!

Obviously, if 5H put this new stripped-back version of "Worth It" on iTunes today, their fans would buy it in a heartbeat... but more than that, they would gift copies to everybody they know and relentlessly spam Twitter and Facebook with the official download link for weeks. Hey... that could be just what "Worth It" needs in order to reach a new peak on the Hot 100! After all, the tune's been in desperate need of some additional stateside promo ever since the group decided to cancel their big Billboard Music Awards performance last month.

Attention Epic Records: Put the acoustic version of "Worth It" on iTunes ASAP! What are you waiting for? Are you listening to me? No, of course not. Sigh.

Watch Normani, Lauren, Camila, Dinah, and Ally sing the hell out of "Worth It" below.

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Wasn't that great?

Fifth Harmony's debut album, Reflection, is available on iTunes and Spotify now.