12 Books That Will Motivate You To Get Fit — And Show You How To Do It

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Did you know that moving your body is really, really good for you? Of course you do! You are a smart person. You know who Jillian Michaels is. You read Bustle.

The thing is, though, that just knowing that exercise is good for you isn’t enough to make those good things happen if you don’t actually do the damn workout. And, just as frustratingly, wanting to get healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually going to do it.

I feel you, lazybones. After being a gymnast and a tennis player during my childhood and early teenaged years, I basically did zero physical activity between the ages of 18 and 21. That’s also when my struggle with depression became serious. Is it a coincidence that once I began practicing yoga regularly, my sense of self-love deepened, my appreciation for my body grew, and I learned how to better navigate my dark moods? Nope.

I’m definitely not saying that just getting on a bike will magically fix all your problems. But I’m definitely saying that the hype about working out is true. Because we all know by now that “working out” is not synonymous with “losing weight”: When you exercise, you’re vowing to understand your body, to fortify your heart, and to trust your innate strength.

Still not convinced? These 12 books will help motivate you to shut that laptop and do some sun salutations.

Image: Matt Madd/Flickr

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