This Describes Your Bi-Curious Best Friendship

Those looking for a bi-curious anthem for the summer might want to check out Sizzy Rocket's "Bestie" music video. While Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" made huge strides in flaunting bi-curious visibility, it also had this kind of angry, DGAF tone (perhaps best displayed by Tina Cohen-Chang's glee club audition). Plus, it captured the precise ethos that arouses the ire of every person who answered "profoundly annoying" on that OKCupid question about what they think of straight girls who kiss girls at bars for attention. It's hard enough out here for a lady seeking honest lady kisses! And when the object of your sapphic curiosity also happens to be your beautiful/cool/very affectionate best friend, matters become even more complicated. Do you confess your crush and hope for the best? Do you wait for an opportune moment of drunkenness to test the waters? Or do you lay in bed at night, silently tortured, browsing the Autostraddle comments section for advice?

For starters, you can check out emerging artist and real-life queer gal Sizzy's new single for validation. It explores the same phenomenon of casual swims in the lady pond with a little more earnestness than her predecessor, and she just debuted the music video, too!

Its campy aesthetic plays on male gazey tropes with an '80s jazzercise motif:

And its uh...evocative fruit imagery:

And though the song boasts the same kind of energetic dance pop Katy Perry is known for, Sizzy Rocket explores the sweeter aspects of best friend crushing with lyrics like "We watch movies on her couch/she wants me to be big spoon now":

But doesn't shy away from raw sexuality either, proclaiming, "I keep picturing her when she orgasms/because I wanna try/I wanna fuck, fuck, fuck my best friend":

Sizzy even told Huffington Post that the song was inspired by her real-life crush on and subsequent one-night stand with a best friend: "She's the coolest and she loves [the song]. We laugh about it together, which is what you really should do about situations like that. Laugh it off and dance it off."

You can check out the video in its entirety below.

Images: Screengrabs/YouTube (5)