The Fifth Harmony Ladies Have Different, But Equally Awesome, Personal Style

When it comes to music groups, whether it be ’90s power pop Spice Girls or boy band sensation One Direction, we merge the members together in our heads, defining them by who they are as a whole rather than recognizing them as individual people. X-Factor contestants Ally Hernandez, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui came together to form Fifth Harmony in 2012, and unless you are a super fan with all the insiders on their personal lives, your knowledge of these young women probably starts and ends with their musical talent.

It has become easier for fans to at least be somewhat interactive with their favorite celebs, thanks in large part to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Although we may not know them on a personal level — we can’t all be Taylor Swifts BFF unfortunately — you can learn a lot about who a performer based on social media.

I am not overly active on Twitter, but I pay close attention to Instagram, and the members of Fifth Harmony have definitely caught my attention.

Yes, their voices blend together in perfect (would you look at that) harmony, and they all dance around in sync with their matching outfits, but these young women are so much more than musical talent and pretty faces.

Fifth Harmony are five up-and-coming young women who have come together from different backgrounds and mindsets. Each possess a strong voice and sense of self, which is reflected in their individual (and widely varied) senses of personal style.

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Of course, I've also noticed that each Fifth Harmony chick posses a unique sense of style. If you take the time to really pay attention to their outfits during performances or in their music videos, the girls may color coordinate and/or have a similar cut to their dresses and skirts, but there is always enough of a difference in the details to give each their own flair.

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As far as behind the scenes goes, these lovely ladies could not possess a more different approach to personal style.

Cabello may be tiny, but the girl's got, as Megan Trainer would say, all the right junk in all the right places and knows how to dress her body to emphasize her assets while showing off her tiny waist; think JLO on a slightly smaller scale. Hernandez is what I like to call "fun sized" with a curvy figure. She embraces her curves and is often seen balancing in quite the heel.

Jauregui's style took me most by surprise. I'd describe her as a mix of alternative and bohemian with a lot of edge, but when it comes to dressing up she has a certain sophistication about her that's breathtaking. Hansen and Hamilton are all about the glam — low necklines, chunky jewelry and bold colors to the max.

Of course, I can't just tell you about their style, you have to see it for yourselves. Check out my favorite styles of each Fifth Harmony member that show off each young woman's individuality.

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Ally Brooke Hernandez

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