8 Things In Britney Spears' "Sometimes" Music Video You Totally Forgot About

I am a child of the Britney Spears generation. The princess of pop's debut album ...Baby, One More Time hit shelves in 1998, and it was one of the first CDs that I ever purchased. Back in the day, I cherished my copy of Spears' album just as much as I did my Pokemon cards and Beanie Babies — which is to say, a lot. It wasn't just Spears' actual music that I held dear to my heart, though: the pop star also introduced me to the beauty of a classic music video. Her video for "...Baby, One More Time" may be the most iconic and that most people remember to this day, but we shouldn't forget about her others: For instance, Spears' music video for her single, "Sometimes." So much happens in the video's three minutes and 51 second timespan, and if you haven't watched it in a while, you may have forgotten just how epically '90s the whole thing was.

Are you a fan of outfit changes? "Sometimes" has 'em in spades. How about a large scale dance number performed on a pier? Also has it! Are you interested in music videos about light stalking? Boy oh boy, did Spears deliver with this one!

Here are the moments that you totally forgot happened in "Sometimes," — aka, why you need to rewatch this video immediately.

1. When Spears Full-On Stalks Some Hot Dude

She wants you to believe she's look at the dolphins, but no — it's actually a hot dude running on the beach with his dog. (Can you blame her, though?)

2. When There's A Not Particularly Appropriate Dance Number

The video definitely forgot that "Sometimes" is a ballad. The dance is great, but I'm pretty sure they just recycled this dance from the "(You Drive Me) Crazy" video.

3. When Spears Hides From Love

By hiding underneath a pier.

4. When This Is Not Creepy Only Because She's Britney Spears

It's like the slogan for a horror movie: "All she needs... is time."

5. When She Wore A Hat To Hide From Her Prey

Who is supposed to be scared of whom here?

6. When Spears Went On The World's Loneliest Picnic

There is so much space on that picnic blanket. AND IN YOUR HEART.

7. When The Guy Was Ridiculously Good-Looking

There's more to a man than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking, but it's hard to care when he looks that good in a white tee shirt.

8. When She Showed You Her Heart

And it was beautiful.

Relive the video below:

Images: BritneySpearsVevo/YouTube (9)