Kim K Will Soon Release Her Own Makeup Tutorials

by Jamie Cuccinelli

Have you already gone through countless contouring videos on YouTube trying to get that Kardashian glow and trademark smoky eye? Well you can get beauty tips straight from the perfectly lined lips of the Queen of Contouring herself, with the help of Kim Kardashian's makeup tutorials on her soon to be launched website.

Kardashian has promised her fans tons of new digital goodies when her website relaunches later this summer and has that woman ever disappointed us? Yeah, I didn't think so. The makeup and hair tutorials that she's promised are what have me really excited for the relaunch, where Kim K will finally reveal the secrets to nabbing her sharp cheekbones and wide eyed look.

Revealed in a serious of tweets, Kardashian announced that her new site will be the home of her very own hair and makeup tutorials that she's already begun shooting. So if your quest for her smoky eyes has got you saving your pennies and maxing out your credit card for a $500 ticket to Kim K and Mario Dedivanovic's makeup master class, you can now rest easy (and actually pay your rent). All of Kardashian's makeup secrets will soon be just a few clicks away!

Until then, practice makes perfect with these other Kim Kardashian-inspired makeup tutorials. Sure, hearing it all from Kim K will be better but what else are we going to do besides watch Keeping Up with the Kardashian reruns until that website relaunches?

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