5 Reasons Rebel Wilson & Her Style Should Be Your Summer Fashion Icon

From her idiosyncratic, comedic stylings in Pitch Perfect to her quirky turn as Brynn in Bridesmaids, there is little doubt that Rebel Wilson is a dramatic force to be reckoned with. However, Wilson's talent stretch far beyond acting expertise. In an age when subtlety and normcore style are considered signatures of sartorial prowess, Rebel Wilson's style features statement ensembles and bold usage of color that are a breath of extraordinarily fresh air.

Much can be learned from Wilson's mastery of red carpet dressing, perhaps most notably that ensemble options one couldn't call safe or ordinary in the least are often the most captivating. Why settle for a simple little black dress when you could select one that opens to reveal a fuchsia fabric-lined cape? And if you're planning to attend an event notorious for its eccentricity, like the MTV Movie Awards, who is to say you shouldn't polish off your look with a pair of be-feathered angel wings? Get out your pen and paper — or at the very least your iPhone's Notes app — because Wilson has a host of summer's sartorial lessons to teach the aesthetically uninformed. Scroll through for five reasons why Wilson should absolutely serve as your summer style guru.

1. Wilson Embraces Bold Colors


A little white dress paired with gilded gladiator sandals is all well and good, but nothing beats a beautifully bold frock for basking in the summer heat. Wilson's favoritism of vibrant hues is well-documented, from fit-and-flare numbers with crimson and coral accents to rich, amethyst-hued wrap dresses.

2. Perfect Patterns Are Her BFF

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wilson favors solid-hued dresses for the majority of her red carpet appearances, making the actress's occasional adoption of patterned ensembles all the more intriguing. Gingham, stripes, and geometrics are all on the horizon for summer, so don't be afraid to fall for an unusual print.

3. Tailoring Is A Major Facet Of Every Ensemble

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What single component can transform any ensemble from an average look into a statement that, as Wilson's character Fat Amy would say, "crushed it"? That particular, key factor happens to be tailoring, and Wilson knows the power of a skilled seamstress. Instead of investing in a rack full of summer frocks, consider electing one or two front runners, and spend the difference on the work of an alterations expert.

4. Wilson Knows The Power Of An LBD With A Twist

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LBD's are a sartorial standard for the simple reason of their universality. However, when your personality is anything but conventional, why settle for something aesthetically basic? Take Wilson's lead and choose a heatwave-ready LBD with cutouts, a cape, or unexpected embellishment for an unforgettable summer statement.

5. Whimsy Is A Major Part Of The Sartorial Equation

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Angel wings and glitter-strewn skirts aren't simply for adolescents playing make-believe and college students attending a rave. According to Wilson, they're also completely acceptable accents for mature adults who enjoy embellishing their ensembles with fanciful accents. Whether bow-adorned headbands or bedazzled platform pumps are your cup of tea, embrace your sartorial individuality — simply save bolder statement for your non-working hours.

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