Tyrion Could End Up With Dany's Other Dragons

In the seemingly likely event that Daenerys doesn't fly back into Meereen anytime soon, what's going to happen to her other dragons? Viserion and Rhaegal are no longer safe in their time out and somebody needs to intervene before the Sons of the Harpy get to them. Will Tyrion get Dany's dragons on Game of Thrones now?

Fans have speculated for ages that the Lannister is one of the characters referred to in the "dragon has three heads" prophesy. I know that this would thrill Tyrion, so in a way I want this for him. We learned in Season 1 (soooo long ago) that Tyrion was fascinated with dragons growing up. He would read about them, fantasize about flying above everyone who called him small, and visited the skulls in King's Landing. You can see the childish wonder take over his face every time he encounters Drogon this season, and it is absolutely heart warming. It's nice to think that this was for a reason and that he has a connection with the beasts.

How could this possibly go down? Looking to the books, it could have tragic results — but could also be fine. Let's weigh the possibilities. If you want Drogon to rescue you from the arena, do so now, because there are spoilers for George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire series ahead!

They Love Him & Everything's Great

In a perfect world, Tyrion is able to communicate Viserion and Rhaegal. They become bros and nobody gets hurt. This could be because Tyrion speaks High Valyian, which is basically the Latin of Westeros and Essos, and how Daenerys communicates with her children. This could also be because Tyrion is secretly the Targaryen son of the Mad King, which is one of many fan theories. That would make him, what, the Uncle of Dragons? I'm into it.

Then, Tyrion could fly off in search of Dany, leaving the city with just one teenage flame-breather to deal with. He could also use them to aid Daenerys' remaining troops in Meereen. In the books, Tyrion sees Rhaegal and Viserion flying overhead in a far-off battle. Remember how the Lannister used a substance called "dragonfire" to combat Stannis' army in the Battle of Blackwater? There's no way that was a coincidence.

This Is How Tyrion Dies

And, subsequently, we riot. While I'm not entirely sure that the Game of Thrones writers would do this to us, Tyrion's interest in the dragons could be deadly if he follows the path of a different character. In the A Dance With Dragons novel, Quentyn Martell arrived in Meereen to propose a marriage/alliance with Daenerys Targaryen. When the Mother of Dragons took off on one, he thought that his ancient blood connection to House Targaryen would enable him to communicate with the two remaining dragons. He was all "I got this, guys" and went down to where they were being held. He did not "got this" and Rhaegal burned Quentyn Martell alive.

Since Quentyn is not a character in the HBO series, I'm guessing this fate is going to fall to someone. If not Tyrion, I'd start worrying about Jorah and Daario.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO (2); Courtesy of HBO