Ian Somerhalder Buys Nikki Reed Vintage Chanel Bag On A Shopping Trip, Proving He's The Best Husband Ever

Could Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder be a more gorgeous couple? The answer is no. They're about as genetically gifted as people come, but a great accessory can't hurt right? Somerhalder bought Reed a vintage Chanel bag in a newlywed shopping spree. Essentially, he's the greatest husband ever.

Reed and Somerhalder make vampire fans' dreams come true when they began dating and subsequently married. Reed of the Twilight Saga and Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries united two vampire dynasties with their marriage— yes, that's totally overdramatic, I know. However, their day jobs aren't the only things these two have in common. They share a love of animal rescue and welfare that is both adorable and inspiring. In November, the pair added a gorgeous horse to their furry family, and the month prior, the couple added a kitten. While many may appreciate their stunning good looks or ability to kill it on the red carpet together like they did at Cannes, their amazing work with rescue efforts is what make them so wonderful.

That being said, it doesn't mean that I can't appreciate their amazing style. When Somerhalder took Reed to What Goes Around Comes Around, a high end vintage store in NYC, he purchased what Reed referred to as her "dream bag." Boy! What a bag it is! The Chanel bag is made of lambskin and features the classic quilted pattern of the design house. While shopping, Reed rocked cut-off denim shorts and a black top with a fedora that matched her equally as stylish husband. This dynamic duo isn't just making waves in the world of animal rights, but they're also totally winning at the fashion game.

Images: Nikki Reed/Instagram (2)