'Wayward Pines' Truth Is Revealed & Follows The Books Pretty Closely, So What Happens Next?

Well folks it didn't take too long at all, but the truth about Wayward Pines has officially been revealed. For anyone who hasn't read the source material upon which the new Fox thriller series is based, you might be surprised by what is actually going on in the series. The town has not been overtaken by aliens and this isn't Lost, so the town is not Purgatory. It's something else entirely. The television series and first novel of the Wayward Pines book series from Blake Crouch revealed the same truth about the town but in different manners. In the series, Ethan's son Ben is brought into "orientation" by Principal Megan Fisher along with two other students and unveils the big secret. At the same time, Ethan has made his way into the wilderness and encounters the truth as well but in a much more frightening way. So what is the truth and more importantly, what happens now that most of the Burke's know what's really going on in Wayward Pines? Well if the series continues to follow the books' storyline relatively closely we might have some clues as to Wayward Pines' future.

Well it's no time like the present to reveal the truth of the town here. A billionaire named David Pilcher believed that the world was going to Hell. So he created the town Wayward Pines to keep the human race from devolving. The big secret of the town however is that everyone who occupies it was suspended in animation and dropped into the town thinking they go there from a car accident. In reality the year is not 2014 or 2015, it's actually 4028 and they've been suspended for thousands of years.

So what happens now? Well first things first is that Theresa needs to also find out what is going on in Wayward Pines. Megan Fisher tells Ben and his fellow students of the "First Generation" — the kids who have been told the truth of the town — that they are not allowed to reveal the truth to their parents or anyone else. But it's likely that Ethan will reveal something. Ethan discovered the truth about Wayward Pines by finding the now destroyed Boise, Idaho in the wilderness which actually turned out to be the destroyed Earth after thousands of years. After his discovery he meets the mysterious David Pilcher who is revealed to be the lowly town psychiatrist "Dr. Jenkins." David tells Ethan what else he need to know, but not before Ethan discovers the "Abbeys," aberrations who devolved from humans over the two thousand years since the Burkes and many other townspeople were suspended in animation.

Now if the television series follows the book series, what follows is next is not simple but can be explained in a simple word: Chaos. Ethan has already accepted the job of sheriff which occurs much later in the book series than it did in the television series. But in the books, Ethan then decides to tell everyone in the town about the town's secrets. This angers David Pilcher so much that he unlocks the doors that seal the town off from the rest of the destroyed world so the townspeople can try and defend themselves from the horrors that await them. The books are really more about the resilience of humanity more than being a thrilling series, and I hope the rest of the television series focuses on that as well.

Images: Liane Hentscher/FOX