14 Rainbow Cakes For LGBT Pride Month That Are The Most Beautiful Things You've Ever Seen

If you ask me, there are few treats more lovely than rainbow cakes for pride month. There's only one thing I love more than layered cakes, and it's multicolored, rainbow, layered cakes. Show your LGBT love this month by recreating one of these masterpieces, or at the very least, attempting to make one of these beauties for yourself. There are even a couple of surprises hidden in this batch (I may or may not be referring to a My Little Pony cake... just saying), so pull out your rainbow flag, the food coloring, and your non-stick round pans. Standing up for gay rights has never tasted so good (or looked so pretty)!

Image: Patrizia/Flickr

by Chelsey Grasso

Layered Rainbow Cake

Round cake on round cake on round cake on round cake… voila!

Image: Kelly Hunter/Flickr

Frosted Rainbow Cake

Even if the inside isn’t rainbow, that doesn’t have to stop the outside from being rainbow.

Image: Jack Zhang/Flickr

Over The Rainbow Cake

A little messy, but also, a little amazing.

Image: Megan B/Flickr

Star Rainbow Cake

This rainbow star frosting decoration is on fleek. Yes, I just used the term “on fleek” to describe a cake.

Image: Fiona Shields/Flickr

Frostingless Rainbow Cake

Four colors of cake and plenty of sprinkles. So fancy.

Image: momento mori/Flickr

Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes count too!

Image: Ilena Gecan/Flickr

Tall Rainbow Cake

All I can think about is how much patience it took to place those jellybeans on the top. Nicely done.

Image: raspberri cupcakes/Flickr

Rainbow Candy Cake

I feel like this would be Willy Wonka’s version of a pride cake.

Image: raspberri cupcakes/Flickr

Scaled Rainbow Cake

Does this cake remind anyone else of The Rainbow Fish?

Image: chris jd/Flickr

My Little Pony Rainbow Cake

Does baking get any better? It’s hard to believe so.

Image: Daniel Rothamel/Flickr

Tie-Dye Cake

I’m getting groovy vibes from this one.

Image: madaise/Flickr

Literal Rainbow Cake

This? This is perfect.

Image: linda/Flickr

Rainbow Cake In A Jar

I’m a fan of anything in a jar — rainbow cakes included.

Image: kelley.tara/Flickr

Classic Rainbow Cake

This is how it’s done, people.

Image: Ellen Macdonald/Flickr