Tom Hiddleston Is Charming Yet Again

It takes a really charming dude to be able to push a small child over and still remain the apple of every Internet fangirl's eye, but that's just a testament to how wonderful Tom Hiddleston is: Even when he's portraying an evil comic book supervillain, he's the most likable man in the universe. So, imagine how likable he becomes when he's not the supervillian, and just acting like himself. (Pretty goddamn likable.) An example: This new clip from the Stars in Cars webseries, featuring Tom Hiddleston covering "Stand By Me" in the passenger's seat of a moving vehicle. Trust me when I say that your life is not complete until you see an adorable British man hitting those high notes just as Ben E. King intended.

Also noteworthy: It appears that this whole thing is taking place in Germany, which explains why Hiddleston is holding a gigantic glass of beer as the car zips through city traffic. Europe is a magical place, y'know?

You can check out the full video below. For the actual interview, you can head on over to taff's YouTube page here — there's also a video of Hiddleston juggling in Berlin as he tries to say "juggling in Berlin" over and over in German. It's pretty adorable, too.