The 'Orange Is The New Black' Cast Sings Behind-The-Scenes All The Time & It's Time They Brought Their Skills To The Show

It's no secret that the Orange Is the New Black cast is not only superbly talented in their own right, but that they’re also incredibly supportive of each other, which totally makes fans like myself wish we were friends with them. Hey, I’d even spare the time to drive to Litchfield's weekly visiting hours to hang out, especially after reading OITNB stars Taylor Schilling and Uzo Aduba's interview with Us Weekly, where they revealed that set life is more fun than you could even imagine.

When asked what they do in their downtime on set, Schilling said that they mostly chat about their "own lives," but Aduba painted a bit more of an exciting behind-the-scenes picture. The Emmy Award-winning actress told Us, "We do a lot of gabbing, catching up, and singing. We sing gospel songs or Whitney [Houston] songs, Mariah [Carey] songs. And the [production assistants] will be like, [claps], 'We're ready to shoot!' and we're like, 'Oh, okay. Right after that hymn!'"

What god do we have to pray to get a musical episode inspired by Aduba’s adorable anecdote? I'm not too certain, but as evidenced by the Litchfield Christmas Pageant, the cast has musical talent to spare. Here’s hoping the producers will hear our prayers and that the cast will get to perform these Houston and Carey songs on the show, in only the way they know how:

Whitney Houston, "I Will Always Love You"

This song calls for emotional depth in the physical form — aka interpretive dance (or on-land figure skating moves, whatever).

Mariah Carey, "Heartbreaker"

I'm thinking an impromptu, flash mob sort of performance that starts something like this.

Whitney Houston, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

Seems appropriate.

Mariah Carey, "Hero"

This impassioned ballad would be best served by someone who brings the melodrama that Pennsatucky does to each and every scene.

Whitney Houston, "How Will I Know"

Upbeat, cheerful, a Taystee Twist-able song for sure.

Mariah Carey, "Always Be My Baby"

Think rock remix.

Whitney Houston, "My Love Is Your Love"

The choreography for such an epic song would have to be on point, though. Show us whatcha got, ladies!

Images: Netflix; Giphy (7)