Chanel Iman's ABFF Dress Is Completely Cut Up

Celebrity or not, wearing dresses with cutouts can be tricky, but Chanel Iman's white American Black Film Festival dress is a perfect example of how to nail the trend. On the first night of the 19th annual ABFF, Iman showed up to support her latest film, Dope. And I don't want to have to say this, but I can't help myself — she looked dope.

Now, if you follow Iman at all, then you know how she likes to dress. Many of her gowns and party dresses love to show skin via cutouts and plunging necklines, and this latest number is no different. But there's something about this one that I find more interesting than the rest. If you start at the top, and work your way down, it's like there are different levels of context. Aside from the white long sleeves and regular neckline, the dress is far from regular. Between the first three tear drop-like slits and the whole chunk on the side that's absent, Iman looks like she was in a serious fight with a clawed animal (I'd like to think it was a lion). The two little silver chains that seem to be holding it all together make me think she definitely won that fight.

All in all, the different cuts and the extra long slit really only add to Iman's fabulousness. But it's no surprise, since this is Iman's first film. If I got my big movie break, I'd be pulling out all of the stops, too. And after seeing her in this dress, I'm that much more excited to see her in Dope.