7 Summer Fashion Mistakes You Should Never Make, Because Trust Me — You Will Regret It

Absentmindedly forgetting to sport a scarf during a snowstorm may be an inarguable winter fashion fail, but summer style transgressions occupy a different stratosphere of sartorial sin — making the wrong fashion choice in summer can be flat-out uncomfortable. Whether your infatuation with dark clothing results in a self-inflicted fever on a particularly sweltering day or you make the ill-advised choice to don a white cotton dress to a pool party, the opportunities for unwise wardrobe decisions are plentiful during the summer.

With rising temperatures and vague office workwear guidelines to contend with, it is a wonder that the fashion industry's worst dressed lists aren't deluged with ill-outfitted candidates scrambling to secure a top spot. Topping the list of offenses are misdemeanors for overdressing in scalding weather and underdressing for any occasion which requires more than a beach coverup, but the myriad of mistakes in between are equally entertaining. So before you attempt to utilize your decade-old one-piece swimsuit as a makeshift tank top for work or hit Burning Man in a black leather jumpsuit, take a moment to revise exactly what constitutes a summer fashion failure.

1. Sporting Leather Leggings

Attempting to wear fitted leather leggings in the sweltering heat is a recipe for heatstroke and acute discomfort. If you do decide to commit to the style statement, you may find yourself unable to extricate yourself.

2. Vowing To Stay True To Your Skinny Jeans


Any item of clothing worn during the height of summer heat should allow your skin to breathe. Skinny jeans may enhance your curves and garner sidelong stares, but the pain isn't worth the attention when the mercury hits 100 degrees.

3. Dressing In White Silk Or Cotton For A Poolside Party


If you enjoy a coquettish Marilyn Monroe moment now and then or crave the notoriety of participating in a wet t-shirt contest, by all means select a white frock for your next pool party. However, arm yourself with the knowledge that you run the risk of becoming drenched, and water-saturated white clothing provided little in the way of coverage. Dress accordingly.

4. Donning A Cutout Swimsuit Without Using Sunscreen


Daring swimwear with intricate cutouts makes quite a statement poolside or on the beach, but every circle, square, and dash of skin not covered by your swimsuit will be exposed to the sun, and therefore requires a careful sunscreen application, unless you wish for your bare skin to resemble your leopard print bikini.

5. Wearing Scuba Gear Anywhere That Isn't The Ocean


Neoprene is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged, for summer days spent in the sun — but never in the form of a head-to-toe wetsuit or goggles.

6. Sporting Socks With Sandals

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unless your concern is health-related, socks and flat sandals should never be worn in the same ensemble, IMHO.

7. Dressing In Sunless Tanner-Stained Clothing

Steve Finn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Utilizing self tanner instead of subjecting your skin to lasting sun damage is an intelligent choice. Don't cancel it out by ruining your clothing with terra cotta-hued handprints.

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