Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Is Launching Skincare

by Emily Kirkpatrick

Because Gwyneth Paltrow's website isn't already enough of a wellness lifestyle empire, Goop is is launching skincare soon. We've all come to rely on Goop for a quick giggle at their absurdly overpriced wares, unbridled enthusiasm for month-long juice cleanses, and love of macrobiotic diets that cost more the most people's rent, but beyond all of that, the site actually does have some really quality stories on wellness from experts in their field. Paltrow really does know what she's doing when it comes to building a lifestyle brand. Blake Lively, take note.

Clearly, some people beyond just me have discovered the site's worthwhile qualities, because it seems like Paltrow is constantly launching some new (and successful) branch of her growing enterprise. Though they've teased launching a beauty line in the past, the company's CEO Lisa Gersh confirmed during a talk at the Fashion Tech Forum on Thursday that Goop will be launching beauty products next January.

From the sound of things, Gersh will be taking cues from Into The Gloss's business model for beauty expansion, citing them as one of the most successful e-commerce sites to watch. Just like ITG's year-old beauty line, Glossier, Goop's products will operate on a direct-to-consumer program, meaning they've cut out the middle man and are handling all retail aspects in-house.

Hopefully, along with getting a full range of truly organic, sustainable products, we can also get a little piece of that Fountain of Youth Paltrow seems to have exclusive access to!