Reebok Ads Starring Ashley Madekwe Are Sexy, Because Sneakers Are Now Hotter Than Ever

With sneakers becoming more and more popular of late, I imagine companies that specialize in kicks want to be on top of their game when it comes to advertising. The Reebok ads starring Ashley Madekwe are sexy. And I mean sexy. Perhaps they're trying to appeal to the girls who would normally choose heels over sneaks?

Actress and blogger Madekwe poses totally nude in some of the ads, which definitely puts the shoes on display — after all, she isn't wearing much else! The shoes are colorful and stylish and are part of Reebok’s collaboration with beauty brand FACE Stockholm.

So, they’re cool shoes, but they’ve been sexified to the nth degree just to make sure people will be drawn to them. These barely-there ads are just a way to stand apart from the crowd, and they definitely got my attention. As much as I don’t think this was completely necessary for a sneaker brand, what can I say? I guess their tactics worked.

I’m hooked and I’m checking out these cool shoes in a never-been-done-before color scheme wondering which pair I’d buy. They’ll become available on July 1st, and you’ll probably take a look at them just because the ad got your attention.

For better or worse, here are the latest sexed up sneaker ads:

They are really cool!