Paralyzed Man Hikes The Grand Canyon Thanks To Help From His Family In An Inspiring Story

Hiking the Grand Canyon is a difficult thing for anyone, the sort of thing people aspire and train to do for years. Which is why it's both amazing and inspiring that in spite of being paralyzed Bob Headings was able to hike the Grand Canyon with the help of his sons and grandsons. It just goes to show, never let anyone tell you your dreams are impossible.

Bob Headings first hiked the Grand Canyon over a decade ago, but just a year later, in 2005, he fell from a ladder and was paralyzed. However, ten years after the accident, his family decided to honor his optimism and strength by taking him on the trail once again. His three adult sons and eight grandsons all trained for four months in order to be able not only to hike the trail, but also handle Headings's TrailRider, a chair with a single wheel underneath and handles and harnesses in front and back that allow people to pull and guide the chair along the trail.

"It just seemed like a way for us as a family to give back to Dad," Bob Headings's son Randy Headings said in a video the family had made of their trek.

The family took a seven and a half mile trail down to the bottom of the canyon, descending over 4,700 feet, and then hiked back up along a ten-mile trail the next day, going up over 4,300 feet. Everyone helped out, even the youngest of the grandkids, and the group was met by a cheering crowd at the top. John Honaker, who was along making a film about the experience, wrote on his blog, "This act of love and family impacted every hiker that passed us, every park official that encountered us, and everyone that hears the tale." And it is pretty incredible. Not to mention incredibly touching.

"These kinds of things just don't happen often enough where a family comes together. We just pulled together for a greater cause," Randy Headings said to "Just a time to be proud of your family."

I guess the family that hikes the grand canyon together stays together.

Seriously, though, if that isn't an act of love I don't know what is. To really be inspired, you can watch the video that John Honaker put together of the hike.

John Honaker on YouTube

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