Lily Collins Has Long Hair Again... Temporarily

What is short is now long again! Lily Collins has long hair... sort of. The brunette actress has been rocking an Audrey Hepburn-like pixie, which shows off her neck and features, and accentuates her full brows, for quite a while now. In fact, she went even shorter with the cut recently, proving that she, at the very least, likes and plans to keep this summer-friendly 'do.

However, the daughter of singer Phil Collins has been playing with the long locked style she rocked when she first burst on the scene, sharing playful images of herself wearing a long, wavy wig on Instagram.

The most important thing to take away from these impromptu IG photo shoots is the fact that Collins can wear pretty much any style, long or short, and she looks pretty fantastic.

It also reminds us that when you are a celeb, you can change your look, both drastically and temporarily, whenever the whim hits you. Call up the glam squad, go from short to long, or the reverse, without much in the way of consequence, since there are many tools that change those, well, changes!

Collins got a snip about a week ago, cleaning up the cut and looking absolutely stunning in the process.

Here's the actress with her very Audrey pixie, thanks to the side swept bangs, which she posted about a week ago.

Ready to see her with long locks yet again... and with no makeup?

As she said, new Lil meets old Lil! It's incredibly sexy when she has a tangle of flowing, romantic, and long locks. They match her on fleek brows.

The pixie works for Collins, but I sort of wish she'd go back to long hair, thanks to these pics.

The long hair is more youthful, but her pixie is so sophisto. She really can wear either and radiate two very different vibes.

And lucky for her, the glam squad or any member of her styling team can switch it up at will. Must. Be. Nice.

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Images: Lily Collins/Instagram (5); Getty (1)