6 Reasons To Try KinkBNB

by Christine Schoenwald

You saw Fifty Shades Of Grey or read the books, and you felt a little turned on. You’re not sure if you’re a full on fetishist, but you’re definitely kink-curious, and don’t know where exactly you should go to explore your new found kink-curiosity. What if you are a traveler whose into or new to BDSM (sex play that involves bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, sadism, and masochism,) but is someone who doesn’t want to have to lug a bag full of sex toys when going through airport security. People don’t always understand punishment paddles when they see them in your suitcase.

Kink BNB is the kinky alternative to Airbnb, and is the answer for those who enjoy a little kink with their morning coffee. It's also for those who don’t know exactly what it is that they like, and want to explore their kinkier side without having to invest a whole lot of money on equipment or a professional Dominatrix. KinkBNB lets people rent dungeons and other play spaces in the homes of kink enthusiasts all around the world.

It's the Madonna Inn of the kinky set, but instead of themed rooms like the Caveman or the Safari ,travelers can choose between a German prison cell and a Los Angeles dungeon. You might not want a themed room as long as it has a Queen-sized bondage bed. Be sure to check the box if you’re orgy- and swinger-friendly. Here are some reasons to try out Kink BNB.

1. You'll Find Out What You Like

You don't know what you like. You can push your boundaries, or just observe others. There may toys, clothes and appliances that you've never heard of let alone tried. You'll be getting a room full of surprises.

2. The People You Meet Are Strangers

If you go to a KinkBNB in another city or country, the chances that you're going to run into them again while buying grapes at the grocery store are very unlikely. You can let your freak flag fly without fear of discovery or fear of repercussions.

3. You Can Reinvent Yourself

In real life, maybe you aren't that outspoken and daring but at a Kink BNB, you can be whoever you want to be. Role playing or even trying out a new personality aren't just ok, they're encouraged.

4. It's A Safe Playspace

It's more private and intimate than a convention, and not as intense as a session with professional Dominatrix.

5. There's No Pressure

You don't have to do anything that you don't want to do. If you want to treat it as you would any kind of BNB, that's ok too. It's totally up to you.

6. You Can Be Loud

Who cares who hears you, you can be a completely anonymous pleasure-screamer if you want.

Sometimes you want to go somewhere where no one knows your name and try things out that you're not sure that you like, and other times it's just nice to have everything that you want already at your destination, so that the only thing to need to bring is your creativity and open mind.

Images: Alda Silva/Flickr; Giphy(6)