9 Ways To Repurpose Your Jack Daniel's Bottles, Because Showcasing Used Liquor Bottles On Your Shelf Was Only Cute In College

Looking for ways to repurpose those empty liquor bottles you have hanging around? These Jack Daniel's DIY projects are for you. In college, a group of my friends decorated the “dining room-kitchen-foyer” area of their dorm with 15 vodka bottles (1.75 ml bottles — they weren’t effing around), artistically arranged in a rainbow gradient on a wall shelf that ran across the full span of the room. It was impressive. Not just to see the liberal range of flavors in which vodka exists (I've yet to see a Wine & Spirits with such stock), but also to imagine the feat of emptying all 15 bottles. As a college sophomore, a shrine like this is sort of cool, or at least indicative that you have an effective fake ID (or some older, cooler connections) and can drink (or have a lot of friends who can).

When you’re at a supposedly adult stage of your life — possibly post-college, possibly employed, possibly in a legitimate apartment — the liquor bottle graveyard is less a signifier of badassery, and more evidence of alcoholism. So for those who still enjoy the look of a finished liquor bottle and desire to incorporate it into their décor in a tasteful, refined, and relatively mature way, here is a list of options, featuring one of my all-time favorites, Jack Daniel’s.

Image: Etsy

A Succulent Planter

If you’re keen to step up your DIY game, a DIY project of the plant persuasion is the Jack Daniel’s succulent planter.

Image: Etsy

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Cute, simple, and appropriate if the last bottle you finished was 5cl. Extra points for coordinating the lighter Honey Jack label with the salt.

Image: Etsy

A Candle

If candle making is already your “thing,” then here’s a cool option for a novel jar. If candle making isn’t already your “thing,” here are some liquor bottle candles ready for purchase on Etsy.

Image: Etsy

A Lamp

I was actually first taught this idea of alcohol-bottle-to-lamp-base by my second grade teacher. Most students opted for wine bottles, but I ended up with an enormous whiskey magnum. I decorated mine in puffy paint seashells. For those older than age 7, I would recommend going the original label route.

Image: Etsy

Pendant Lights

You can take lighting up a notch and go full-out upcycled-restoration-industrial design with some very attractive pendant lights.

Image: The Upcyclers

A Tiki Torch

Or you can opt for outdoor lighting and make a Jack Daniel’s tiki torch. Straightforward to make. Available to buy on Etsy.

Image: Etsy

A Birdfeeder

If you desire to take your DIY craft outdoors but the pyro inclinations of the tiki torch put you outside your comfort zone, the bottle-as-birdfeeder option is right for you.

Or you can buy it on Etsy, with options customizable to the alcohol of your choosing.

Image: Etsy

A Soap Dispenser

The Jack Daniel’s soap dispenser is my personal favorite. It simultaneously adds creative flair to your bathroom while also underscoring a playful vibe.

You already have the bottle. You can buy the pump on Etsy.

Image: Etsy

Bathroom Set

If you’re a follower of the go big or go home mantra, you can really run with the Jack Daniel’s repurposed-in-the-restroom idea, and create a full bathroom set.

Image: Etsy