You Can Buy Drake's Vintage Apple Jacket

If you watched the announcement of the Apple music streaming service and were like, "Cool, I have Tidal — tell me where to get Drake's vintage Apple jacket now," you weren't alone. Thanks to a Canadian Ebay seller — unlike seeing a long-term, secure future for Tidal — getting your paws on that vintage bomber jacket is actually possible. You know, if you're willing to spend the equivalent of a few weeks in Mexico on it.

The leather and wool jacket was listed for a "Buy it Now" price of $9,999 earlier this week at the peak of Drake Jacket Mania, with bidding starting at $3,900. Well, unsurprisingly, no one bid and the "Buy it Now" price has since dropped to $3,900. Drake bought his from the same seller for $825, so it feels like more than a little bit of a gouge. I mean, is Drake wearing something really worth $3,075? I was duped into buying Beanie Babies, thinking they'd be valuable later... and I have yet to make a penny. I'm going to take a chance and sit this round of "buy all the collectibles" out for now.

I guess user biglampman44 overestimated how much people are willing to pay to look like Drizzy — or how much a tech nerd is willing to pay to cop some vintage Apple gear. Call me when you can sell me a date with Drake, OK? That's something I'd spend $4,000 on.

Images: Getty; Ebay