Mumford & Sons Just Gets Your Quarter Life Crisis

Is your job a joke, are you broke, and is your love life D.O.A.? Its OK, everyone has been there. What you are feeling is a quarter life crisis (and the accompanying urge to sing the theme song to Friends). The secret that no one tells you until you reach your twenties is that they are hard. Not just Girls hard, but actually hard. You feel lost and aimless, you have an idea of what you want your life to be in your head, but you aren't sure how to get there. It's all very frustrating and you constantly feel like you are on the verge of an existential crisis. Take it from a not-so wise woman who is almost out of her twenties, it gets better eventually, but until it does, Mumford & Sons has your back.

Yes, the band with the banjos and operatic yearning knows a thing or two about quarter life crises. They may not come right out and say it in their songs, but their overwrought lyrics are the perfect anthem for the period of your life when you could totally have been Rachel from Season 1 of Friends. Check out these 11 lyrics and be prepared to marvel at just how much this band gets you.

1. "One Foot in Sea, One on Shore"

You have to pay bills, but you still do laundry at your parents' house. These two lines are basically how you picture yourself as you imagine doing a banana split between childhood and adulthood.

2. "Don't Leave Me Alone at This Time, For I Am Afraid of What I Will Discover Inside"

When you become certain you are the one human on the planet who is simply not cut out to be a grown up, so you throw a dinner party to get away from your own brain.

3. "A White Blank Page and a Swelling Rage, Rage"

How you feel every time you find out you have to write a cover letter.

4. "If Only I Had an Enemy Bigger Than My Apathy I Could Have Won"

When you know you should be looking for jobs/grocery shopping/changing out of sweatpants and instead you spend all day marathoning Scrubs on Netflix.

5. "The Harvest Left No Food for You to Eat"

The feeling you get when you write the check for your student loan payment and realize you will have to come up with another 30 ways to make ramen not taste like ramen.

6. "I'll Find Strength in Pain, and I Will Change My Ways"

That moment when you decide exercise is the answer to all of your problems, so you join a Soul Cycle class.

7. "How Fickle My Heart and How Woozy My Eyes"

The morning after your first Soul Cycle class when you realize it solved nothing and you are never going back again.

8. "So Watch Me As I Glide Before I Tumble Homeward, Homeward"

When you call your mom in the middle of the night because you're having a panic attack about how your life is going nowhere, and she promises you can come home for pancakes on Saturday.

9. "Take All the Courage You Have Left and Waste it on Fixing All the Problems That You Made in Your Own Head"

The lightning bolt moment of realization that you know what, your life does not suck as much as you think it does. I mean, just look at all the Ikea furniture you have.

10. "I Had the Strangest Feeling Your World's Not All It Seems"

Remember when you thought all of your friends had their lives together? They were just as lost as you were.

11. "It Will Steal Your Innocence, but it Will Not Steal Your Substance"

Quarter life crises are all about getting to a point where you look at all the bills, mess, and job insecurity and then you say, "screw it, I'm an adult". That's when your crisis has been conquered, Mumford & Sons style.

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