'Magic Mike XXL' Comes To The L.A. Pride Parade

by Caitlyn Callegari

It may be hard to believe, but the cinematic classic we know as Magic Mike premiered almost exactly three years ago. Which, when you think about it, makes the painstaking wait for Magic Mike XXL all the more strenuous. For the last few years we've only had one modern male stripper movie to fawn over, woe is totally us. So, if you feel like you can't possibly wait another second to see hot celebrities roll their hips, the sequel's stars got you covered. According to E! Online, Magic Mike XXL 's Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Adam Rodriguez gave the L.A. Pride Parade a healthy dose of what to expect when the movie premieres July 1.

What does that mean? Well, E! Online explains that these handsome fellas got a VIP police escort in order to perform some of their infamous dance moves to that Magic Mike song staple, "Pony" on a parade float. Apparently, while there were a bunch of other dancing dudes without shirts, the publication laments that Tatum, Bomer, and Rodriguez remained fully clothed. But, you know what? We can't win everything, guys. Let's pick and choose our battles. Especially now that we have this treat to tide us over till the main event.

So, if this news has properly excited you and you want to witness a sneak peak of Magic Mike XXL before it hits theaters, take a look at the videos from the L.A. Pride Parade below.

You are so welcome.