7 Products For Backcombing Your Hair For The Overzealous Follicle Fluffer In Summer

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Are you constantly experimenting with ways to take your 'do to hair-raising new heights? Are the knots and split ends caused by your overzealous backcombing driving your hairdresser to despair, or making you wonder whether you'll ever find adequate products for backcombing? Well pull up a chair, lovely lady, because it's time time to talk all things big hair.

As a small child with a Lion King obsession who dreamed less of Disney princess transformations and more of switching lives with Simba, a lion's mane-like look was always destined to become my hairstyle hankering. Tragically blessed with less bountiful barnet and more wavy woe, plus a large round face made decidedly moon-like by flat hair, my King of Pride Rock style icon led me down a treacherous road of birds' nest tangles, permanently estranged ends, and — at the height of my big hair addiction — self-inflicted dreadlocks that took several gallons of elbow grease and a vocal pitch rainbow of frustrated screams to comb out.

But worry not, my full-follicled friends! These knotty, grotty mishaps led me to discover a trailblazing set of hair goos and gadgets that will change your hair game fo' life. Just feast your eyes on this lovely hair-volume-creating loot to cheat that confidence-boosting backcombed hair look, without the costly, counter-productive hair damage.

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