The 'Inside Out' Cast Includes Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, & 9 Other Stars You’re Going To Geek Out Over

One of the best things about animated movies (besides, you know, the stunning visuals and the crazy-cool ideas) is that typically, the characters are voiced by some pretty great actors. What would Finding Nemo have been without Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, or Toy Story without Tom Hanks as Woody? The same sentiment applies to the newest animated movie to hit theaters, Pixar's Inside Out , whose ensemble of a preteen girl's "emotions" are voiced by some of the coolest actors working today.

From Amy Poehler's Joy to Mindy Kaling's Disgust, get to know the 11 actors who lent their talents to Inside Out, and check out the movie when it's released on June 19.

Image: Walt Disney Studios

by Rachel Simon

Joy (Amy Poehler)

Joy is Riley’s primary emotion until she’s forced to move across the country with her parents. Until now, though, the emotion’s job has been to make sure Riley is happy, no matter what challenges she faces. Amy Poehler, with her upbeat attitude and naturally happy voice, is a perfect fit for the role.

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Sadness (Phyllis Smith)

Sadness may seem like the least “necessary” of all the emotions, but she really does have a major part in Riley’s life, helping her deal with hardships. Anyone who’s seen The Office knows that casting Phyllis Smith couldn’t be a better call, thanks to the dour tone in her voice.

Image: Walt Disney Studios

Fear (Bill Hader)

Thanks to Bill Hader’s voice role, Fear is a lively, vibrant emotion that’s constantly worried about Riley’s safety. He evaluates risk and keeps her away from danger, and while he may go a bit overboard at times, he always has her best intentions in mind.

Image: Walt Disney Studios

Disgust (Mindy Kaling)

An emotion that’s loud, opinionated, and hilarious — sounds like a perfect role for Mindy Kaling. The comedian lends her voice to Disgust, who happily keeps Riley updated on all the latest trends.

Image: Walt Disney Studios

Anger (Lewis Black)

Lewis Black, the Comedy Central actor and Daily Show star, voices Anger. This emotion passionate to a fault about everything that affects Riley, taking it personally when things don’t go her way (aka: he literally explodes).

Image: Walt Disney Studios

Bing Bong (Richard Kind)

Bing Bong is Riley’s imaginary friend from childhood, who helps the emotions out when trouble arises. He’s played by actor Richard Kind, who’s also voiced roles in Cars and Toy Story 3.

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Riley (Kaitlyn Dias)

The actual voice of Riley, the movie’s protagonist, is done by Kaitlyn Dias in one of the actress’ first major roles.

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RIley's Mom (Diane Lane)

The voice of Riley’s mother is Diane Lane, an Oscar-nominated actress recently seen in Man of Steel.

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Riley's Dad (Kyle MacLachlan)

Twin Peaks’ Kyle MacLachlan portrays Riley’s dad, whose new job in San Francisco requires the family to relocate.

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Cool Girl (Rashida Jones)

It’s a small part, but Jones voices a role called “Cool Girl” in the film.

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Forgetter Bobby (Bobby Moynihan)

Best known for his work on SNL, Moynihan plays a character called “Forgetter Bobby.” Could this cast be any better?

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