15 Father's Day Cards That Will Make Dad Remember Why You're His Favorite Child

Sometimes I don't know what's more difficult — figuring out what to buy my dad for Father's Day, or picking out Father's Day cards that aren't completely cheesy. While the drugstore has a huge variety, they all tend to be either way too corny, or so sappy that they're almost vomit-inducing.

Where do I turn when I'm on the hunt for something unique and different? Etsy, of course! So, I scoured the site to find different Father's Day cards that run the gamut from sweet and sentimental to sarcastic and hilarious. Let me tell you, there are plenty of options out there. No matter which one you pick, your dad will love your card... almost as much as he loves you.


Safety First Dad

Let’s give dad a pat on the back for making sure we made it this far in life, no matter how many laundry basket rides we took down the stairs.

Card, $4.50,

Great Job Dad

There’s nothing better than a card that also compliments you. Dad will love this card, and so will your ego.

Card, $4.95,

Minivan Dad

It takes a lot to make a minivan look cool. If your dad ever made it happen, this card is the one you’ve been looking for.

Card, $4.00,

Best Dad

Sometimes a simple message is all you need, and this card gets the job done. Plus, dogs in tutus? You can’t beat it.

Card, $4.50,

Star Wars Dad

Go ahead and get dad a Star Wars card. Because what dad hasn’t done a terrible Darth Vader impression at least once in his life?

Card, $4.00,

Loving Example Dad

Even if your dad isn’t the “sit outside with a shotgun” type, he’ll still love knowing that you compare every other man to him.

Card, $5.00,

Superhero Dad

Maybe he’s never stopped a moving train or rescued you from a burning building, but your dad’s still super, and this card will let him know.

Card, $4.50,

Helpful Dad

Life can get tricky sometimes. So, now’s the perfect time to thank dad for all of that solid advice he’s given you along the way.

Card, $4.00,

Cool Dad

Punny and patriotic? This card is every dad’s dream.

Card, $5.00,

Fearless Dad

Even if you don’t need him to check under the bed for monsters anymore, he still better be prepped and ready to kill all of those creepy critters. A dad’s job is never done.

Card, $4.00,

Lovable Dad

If you’re struggling to tell your dad just how much you love him, this card does the hard work for you. Loving someone more than naps? That’s a big deal.

Card, $3.75,

Good Looking Dad

If you lucked out with some really amazing genes, it’s time to give your dad the thanks he deserves.

Card, $4.00,

Maury Dad

Who doesn’t love a good Maury Povich reference? Well, probably your mom. But, your dad will love it!

Card, $4.25,

Lazy Dad

We all know that women get the short end of the stick when it comes to childbearing. But, it’s nice to recognize dad’s effort too.

Card, $3.99,

High Standards Dad

Let’s face it, dads love to be reminded that you’ll probably never find a guy as awesome as them.

Card, $4.25,