Meet AMC's 'The Making Of The Mob' Cast — Because The Historical Show Has An All Star Lineup

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AMC is taking on the docu-drama series genre with its new eight-part series The Making of the Mob which premieres Monday night. The show gives audiences real history about the rise of Charles "Lucky" Luciano and the classic mobster and mob families that we have seen portrayed in some of the best films and TV specials of the last several decades. But this show does something a little different than your traditional documentary series: It also has scenes of dramatic narrative to explain what really happened in the 1900s and on.

Because the show applies this narrative feature, as well as having historians and celebrities heavily interested in the subject matter talk about the history, it seems necessary to showcase the nameless actors who play these real-life people. Here are the eight actors taking on roles in The Making of the Mob on AMC.

Images: Lawrence French (5), Screenshot/AMC

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