Welcome To Neptune Retrograde, Everyone

Congratulations, everyone, we made it. Mercury retrograde is no more. But guess what? Now Neptune just turned retrograde, and it's a whole new ballgame. Not only that, but it actually kicked up a few days ago on June 12 — and we've got until November until it finally moves out of it. Wondering what Neptune retrograde actually means? Here's primer, as well as what you should do during it. You may as well make it work for you, right?

In astrology, Neptune is the planet that rules mysticism, dreams, the subconscious, and our artistic and spiritual visions. Sounds cool, right? For some people, it can help them see the big picture and devise creative solutions for their goals... but for others, it can indulge delusions of grandeur and fanaticisms, so it's got its pros as well as its cons. During Neptune retrograde, our focus turns inward, which forces us to address any sort of illusions we've created for ourselves. It's time to face the music, kiddos.

While cold, hard reality is not an easy thing to deal with and, like, all these dumb planets are making me feel so attacked, this increased introspection and honesty can bring about positive changes in your life. And Neptune retrograde is in full swing until November 18th, so we're in this for the long haul. Here are five things you should definitely do while Neptune retrograde is going on. Let's get to crackin' — our delusions!

1. Keep a Dream Journal

Your intuition is heightened during Neptune's retrograde, and you may begin to have vivid, symbolism-rich dreams. I had a dream last night that Rihanna came into the restaurant where I work and I needed to make her the best Frappaccino ever and no one would help me. I'll need to think on that one for a while, but I know it has to mean something big.

2. Review Your Daily Routine

Neptune retrograde is like someone throwing ice water in your face, and even the little, daily lies we tell ourselves — "eating pizza four nights a week is totally healthy and cost-effective," "wearing sunscreen every day is unnecessary," "I can drink four nights a week and still be on my A-game" — are brought to light for what they are. Utilize this time of clarity to devise a routine that actually leaves you happy and healthy.

3. Re-Visit an Abandoned Project

Dig up that short story you started in high school, dust off your knitting needles, and get started creating. We are able to look at artistic endeavors with fresh eyes when Neptune turns retrograde, and the new perspective allows projects to come to fruition. You might be surprised what ingenuity is lurking under all those flowery similes you were so fond of at the tender age of 18.

4. Take a Class You've Always Been Too Scared to Join

Take a look at why it scared you in the first place. For me, it would be a boxing class; I'm scared of crying in public because I struggle with being emotionally vulnerable, which has a negative effect on my personal relationships. See, wasn't that easy?

...I was totally kidding. Shut up, I'm emotionally vulnerable all the time, you don't even know, stop attacking me.

5. Make a Vision Board

I know, I know, this sounds silly — but I'm not talking about piece of cardboard covered in pictures of Channing Tatum's abs and Rihanna showering in dollar bills (although those are very nice images and you should probably cover your walls with them or something). When I say "vision board," I mean evaluating your current situation — personal relationships, education, debt, mental and physical well-being — getting honest with yourself in terms of your ultimate goals, and writing them down. Are your ambitions being dictated by your desire to make your parents happy? What if your dream of becoming a famous actress fails? These are not fun or easy questions to ask, but they're necessary.

Happy Neptune retrograde, everyone!

Images: jah/Flickr; g (5)