Armani Threw Major Shade At Kim On Twitter

She may be a member of the unofficial First Family of Fashion, but that doesn't mean she's immune from any fashion related drama. Armani threw major Twitter shade at Kim Kardashian. Obviously, the account isn't run by Armani himself, so I'm just wondering who lost their job over this fashion fiasco?

Mrs. Kardashian West took to Twitter on Saturday to question why Armani discontinued her favorite foundation. She asked the design house, "Georgio Armani," to please make the product again. Luckily for Kim, Armani's Twitter account responded on Monday offering to send her another one. Unluckily, their graciousness ended there. The tweets cutting last line read, "And Mr. Armani's first name is Giorgio." Burn.

The pregnant star has yet to respond, but publicly shaming someone like Kim Kardashian is obviously a major no-no (and certainly doesn't spell class, as is usually associated with the Armani brand), so I'm guessing whoever runs this account is in pretty deep water — if not with Armani, then definitely with Kanye! I'm sure Kim is well aware of how to spell the infamous designers name, and for all they know it could have been a major iPhone autocorrect fail. Lord knows we've all had plenty of those.

Images: Getty Images; armani/Twitter