Sofia Hellqvist's Wedding Hairstyle Was Perfect

Everyone loves a royal wedding, am I right? Congratulations are in order these days as Sofia Hellqvist married Prince Carl Philip of Sweden this weekend. That’s right, folks, the Paradise Hotel reality star had her very own Cinderella story moment Saturday and will now be referred to as Princess Sofia. Though I adored the V-neck lace dress Hellqvist wore while becoming Sweden‘s new princess, it was her low roll updo hairstyle that caught my interest.

As a personal preference, I had never been a fan of the updo until recently. Ask my mother, hairdresser, or even refer to my photo books if you will; Communion, confirmation, 8th grade dance, prom — you name it, I can bet you I wore my hair down. Before my hair decided to switch it up on me and dry in natural waves, my hair was completely and totally straight. The grass is always greener on the other side, after all, and all I wanted was a full head of luscious, curly locks.

Lately, however, I am seeing the light illuminating off an elegant low roll updo whether it be centered or positioned to the side. There’s no denying Hellqvist’s bun would have looked classic all on it’s own, but once paired with her lace veil and tiara detailed with emerald stones, the princess’s hairstyle looked simply royal.

As a little girl named Sarah Crewe would like to remind us, “all girls are princesses," which means we should be able to style our hair like one. Lucky for us, YouTube beauty vloggers are at our service to show us how we can get Sofia Hellqvist’s wedding low bun updo in a few easy steps ready to style for any event or day to day routine. Check out 5 YouTube tutorials on how you can get a low roll bun.

1. BlondieLoxHairstyles

What: Quick Twisted Updo Tools: Teasing Comb, Hairspray, Bobby Pins

2. Birchbox

What: Low Rolled UpdoTools: Dry Shampoo/Texturizing Spray, Hair Tie, Bobby Pins, Hair Hold

3. Luxy Hair

What: Perfect Low BunTools: Hairbrush, Rectangle Comb, Bobby Pins, Hair Tie, Chignon

4. Tinytwisst

What: Rolled Bun For Short HairTools: Dry Shampoo, Tangle Teaser, Hair Tie, Bobby Pins

5. The Small Things Blog

What: Low Chignon Hairstyle

Tools: Hair Clips, Texture Powder, Teasing Comb, Clear Elastic, Bobby Pins