The 'Proof' Cast Is Full Of Actors & Characters Ready To Tackle The Big Questions — PHOTOS

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A show about the intersection between science and faith might get your Lost senses tingling, but this new TNT series seems to be taking a different approach to those big themes. Proof, which premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m., is about a surgeon who is hired to prove the existence of an afterlife. Not only is the premise intriguing, but the cast of TNT's Proof is just as promising.

The first few episodes are directed by Executive Producer Alex Graves, who you may know from "little' projects like Game of Thrones and The West Wing. Suffice to say, Proof is sure to get epic. According to TNT's official description, the doctors will take on cases in this procedural that include "reincarnation, near-death experiences, hauntings and other phenomena." Many of the characters have experienced loss or some connection to death themselves, which invests them in the project.

Some actors you'll recognize, some are new finds, and some you'll be relieved to see again after their fate in a previous role — fitting for a show about live after death, huh? Here's a quick look at the different actors and characters in Proof to spark your curiosity about this new summer series.

Image: James Dittiger/TNT

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