Celeb Facialist Suggests Women Shave Their Faces

Isn't that ooh-ahh silky smooth feeling you get on your legs after just shaving the best that makes all the nicks and razor burn worth it? Well, the New York Times released an interview today with Hollywood facialist Kate Somerville declaring that to get that silky vibe all over, women should shave their faces, too. I'm still not sure how I feel about this, but Somerville and other fashion and beauty bloggers put forward a pretty convincing argument.

Somerville's list of clients include names like Jessica Alba and Debra Messing, and while she wouldn't spill which celebs are covering their chins in shaving cream, she hinted the number was high. The facialist shaves her own face weekly with a Gillette Mach3. She tried shaving her upper lip as an alternative to irritiation-causing waxing, but stuck with the routine after noticing "it was a great exfoliant and ... [her] makeup went on a lot better." Apparently Somerville is far from alone in this habit.

"Dermaplaning," basically the fancy term for getting your face shaven by a professional using scalpel-like instruments, boomed in popularity this past year. Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Stafford R. Broumand shared how requests for dermaplaning increased "threefold in 2014 over the previous years." While acknowledging at home face shaving wasn't the worst idea out there, Broumand said, "as with most things done at home, [it] is not as effective as going to the expert's office."

If you are looking to try it at home instead of professionally, there are plenty of beauty bloggers out there offering pointers. Jen Ruhman of Elegance and Beauty Reviews blog shaves her face with olive oil and you can see her post on it for tips. Additionally, Andrea Bai McCann was kind enough to put up a face-shaving tutorial to YouTube. She figured, “I’m big into makeup and skin care, so why not have the smoothest canvas possible?” I guess I can't disagree.

Image Credit: @katesomervilleskincare/Instagram; Giphy