'Lucky' Magazine Is Officially Going Out of Print

It's a sad day for fashion magazine lovers everywhere. Women’s Wear Daily reported Monday that after 15 years of production, The Lucky Group’s Lucky Magazine is going out of print. The magazine’s digital branch will continue to operate. No comment from The Lucky Group has been issued at this time. Unfortunately, the news of Lucky’s transition does not come as a surprise. Not long after former Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen announced she was stepping down from her title this past April as a result of the magazine's strategic changes, the fashion publication announced in May that it would be shifting from a 10-issues-per-year to quarterly magazine. From there, we’ve watched the print publication slowly fizzle out, having laid off 14 key employees, including publisher Gillian Gorman Round.

I am well aware that print publications as a whole are suffering; media platforms are beginning to focus heavily on the digital side of reporting. Although I’ve been keeping up with Lucky’s ups and many downs, it still broke my heart to hear the news. I like to pride my success in the editorial field on the opportunity I had to jump start my career at Lucky Magazine in 2013. It was one of if not the biggest career move I have had to make thus far, and I cannot justifiably express the utmost appreciation I have for the time I spent there.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Before I really had a grasp on what it was I wanted to pursue in the industry, I was offered and accepted my first internship with Lucky Magazine in the beauty closet during my junior year of college. To everyone I met and learned from at the magazine, I give my warmest thanks.

Alas, as the saying goes "every new beginning starts from some other beginnings end." Though I personallywill greatly miss receiving my subscription of the glossy and proudly flaunting every cover of my roots, Lucky Group's e-commerce site, launched in February, is still in full effect and thriving.

Say goodbye to Lucky and (once again) say hello to Lucky Shops where fashion editorial lives in harmony with fashion commerce.

Cheers to (semi)new beginnings!

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