20 Mermaid Shirts You Need If You're Secretly Convinced You Belong Under The Sea

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Every beach lover knows that the ultimate dream is to be a mermaid. Is this realistic? No, of course not. But let us have some fun, OK? If we can't actually be beautiful sea creatures with long, flowing hair, living in the ocean, at least we can sort of pretend we are by wearing cute mermaid shirts.

My personal obsession with mermaids goes back as far as I can remember — as a kid, I literally watched Disney's The Little Mermaid hundreds of times a year (my mother is a saint), and I spent most of my days at the ocean convincing myself that they could actually be real. I mean, fine, maybe I sort of still think that. Kidding! Kind of. Here are 20 mermaid shirts you need if you're like me, and you're secretly convinced you belong under the sea.

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