20 Mermaid Shirts You Need If You're Secretly Convinced You Belong Under The Sea

Every beach lover knows that the ultimate dream is to be a mermaid. Is this realistic? No, of course not. But let us have some fun, OK? If we can't actually be beautiful sea creatures with long, flowing hair, living in the ocean, at least we can sort of pretend we are by wearing cute mermaid shirts.

My personal obsession with mermaids goes back as far as I can remember — as a kid, I literally watched Disney's The Little Mermaid hundreds of times a year (my mother is a saint), and I spent most of my days at the ocean convincing myself that they could actually be real. I mean, fine, maybe I sort of still think that. Kidding! Kind of. Here are 20 mermaid shirts you need if you're like me, and you're secretly convinced you belong under the sea.

Let's Be Mermaids Tank

Communicate your real dreams with this simple tank top. Pair it with jeans or shorts, or wear it over your bikini as a coverup.

Let’s Be Mermaids Tank Top, $18, Three Bird Nest

Mermaid Hair Tee

Everyone knows that achieving mermaid hair is a goal, and salty air is wonderful. Why not have them on your T-shirt?

Mermaid Hair Shirt, $18, Etsy

Mermaids Have More Fun Set

This tank top is adorable, but even more adorable is the pair of hipster underwear that comes with it. Wear this as pajamas on days you’re binge-watching Netflix, or pair the tank with shorts for an easy outfit.

Mermaids Have More Funk Tank and Hipster, $20, Zulily

Mermaid Mean Girls Crop Top

This is easily one of the cutest shirts I have ever seen. It combines two of the most magical things ever: mermaids and Mean Girls. It doesn’t get better than that.

ASOS Crop Top With Mermaid Print, $26, ASOS

Seashell Crop Top

Pretend to look like a mermaid with this shell crop top. It’s perfect if you don’t actually want to wear a shell bra, but, like, you want to wear a shell bra.

MYVL Shell Bra Crop Top, $36, Forever 21

Mermaid Have More Fun Dress

Mermaids DO have more fun. Show that to everyone with this tunic that can easily double as a beach coverup.

Mermaids Have More Fun Dress, $28, Gypsy Warrior

Mermaids Have More Fun Tank

Or maybe you’d rather express that sentiment via tank top. Here you go! How cute are the shell accents?

Mermaids Have More Fun Tank, $20, Etsy

Mermaids Have More Fin Tee

Or MAYBE you want to get a little pun-ny. You can do that with this tee, which says, “Mermaids have more fin.” Get it? Get it?

Mermaids Have More Fin Tee, $62, Shop Planet Blue

Mermaid Leotard

Loved that whole pun idea? Then you’ll love this leotard as well. This cute piece is perfect with low-rise shorts.

Mermaid Leotard, $29, Etsy

Always Be A Mermaid Tank

When life gets tough, remind yourself to think like a mermaid. What does that mean? I don’t know exactly, but it certainly sounds nice.

Always Be A Mermaid Tank, $20, Etsy

Mermaid At Heart Tank

Show everyone where your heart really lies with this loose tank top.

Mermaid At Heart Tank, $29, Three Bird Nest

Ex-Mermaid Beanie

Who wears beanies during the summer, you ask? Uh, whoever wants to. Also, this is perfect to save for the winter when you’re freezing and imagining beach days.

Ex Mermaid Society Hat, $18, ASOS Marketplace

Mermaid Running Tee

The next time someone is bugging you about doing cardio, remind them that you can’t, because, uh, you don’t have legs.

I Can’t Run I’m A Mermaid Shirt, $28, Thug Life Shirts

Under The Sea T-Shrit

Why live on land when you could live in the ocean? Remember your dreams whenever you wear this tee.

I’d Rather Live Under The Sea Mermaid Shirt, $14, Etsy

Sea Witch Tank

Go for an edgier mermaid who definitely isn’t anything like Ariel. This chick is rocking fishbones and tattoos. Sign me up.

Sea Witch Muscle Tee, $49, Dolls Kill

Raised By Mermaids Crop Top

It doesn’t get much cuter than this crop top, which explains your true origins to everyone you see.

Raised By Mermaid Crop Top, $34, Skinny Bitch Apparel

Mermaids For Equality Shirt

Who says mermaids can’t be feminists? Show off your beliefs on a seriously cool shirt like this one.

Mermaids For Equality, $30, Look Human

Mermaid Hair Tank

Let’s be real: Who doesn’t want mermaid hair?

Mermaid Shirt, $20, Etsy

Mermaid Off Duty Tank

I have this tank top and I am annoyingly obsessed with it. It’s loose and light and is just such a perfect summer shirt. One word of advice: order this a size smaller than you normally wear. It runs big!

Mermaid Tank, $32, Spool72

Holographic Shell Top

This holographic shell is so cool that you almost don’t even notice the “undercover mermaid” statement across it.

Boyfriend T-Shirt with Holographic Print, $33, ASOS