What Your Favorite Disney Outfit Says About You

Not to judge a book by it's cover, but you can tell a lot about a Disney Princess based on what she's wearing. Similarly, you can tell a lot about yourself based on what your favorite Disney Princess outfit has always been. This isn't about personality matches; it's strictly based on which gown you think is the prettiest.

Growing up, I used to be so bothered that the Disney princesses never changed their clothes on a day-to-day basis. It was the same outfit all day err'day, unless a fairy godmother showed up and flicked their wand, or a frog ribbitted on their behalf, or a dragon traveled with them on magical war-driven adventures. Regardless, I stopped being so bothered by the repetition and more amazed at how beautiful the princesses managed to be day after day. So much so, I begged my mom to let me wear my Snow White costume on my first day of Kindergarten.

She didn't allow it, but I never stopped trying. It was always the Snow White dress I wanted to wear, despite also having a Cinderella gown and what I referred to as a "Princess Jasmine" skirt. In case you had the same Disney Princess outfit obsession as I did, read on find out what your favorite Disney Princess outfit says about you.


You don't mind wearing the simple things, but when it's time to dress up, you go big. When nicer things are given to you, you appreciate it more than the normal human. Be careful to not become too comfortable with those new accessories though, or you might leave something important behind.

Snow White

You have a tumultuous backstory, but now it's time to learn how to do things for yourself — like tailoring your own clothes. Since you never know when an adventure might happen, you prefer the practical clothes that are very versatile from day to night.


Your rich ancestry is very important to you, but you don't let your clothes restrict you from experiencing a different culture or new world. You like being pulled out of your comfort zone as frequently as possible, especially if it means protecting someone or something very important to you.


Too often, you're mistaken for a "girly girl" or "snob" simply because you enjoy nice clothes that look amazing on you. Don't let those comments or other's thoughts get to you. We all know you read others very well and can conquer the scariest of challenges — all while wearing heels and a perfectly assembled half bun.


You know the importance of accessories and a good fit, though you mostly dress for people around you. Still, you have a powerful aura that inspires those same people to respect and admire you.


Girl, you know you're gorgeous and are not afraid to let the world know. When it comes to new trends or fashion risks, you are the first to take them.


You know the best way to mix comfort with style. And don't ever lose sight of that gift. Even when you're not trying, people compliment your outfit. Don't get too lackadaisical about your ensembles, though. Otherwise, you'll wake up 36 years later and realize you've let you style becoming dully and snore-worthy.


You've never met a stranger and are unafraid of new trends. When it comes to a shopping trip, you're the girl who makes BFFs with all the sales associates and even a few girls in the dressing room. Sometimes your kind demeanor can come off a little ditzy, but you've got a fresh perspective on the world that others envy.


You're are a strong-willed individual. Fancy clothes sometimes feel uncomfortable on you, but try to wear them every once in awhile! While you can rock a baseball T-shirt and ripped shorts and still look like a supermodel, it's an opportunity for people to see a different side of you -- still just as beautiful, but with a princess gown and a few more accessories.


Despite what friends and family members try to put you in, clothes are the last thing on your mind. While you may take their fashion advice every once in awhile, you don't let the finer things in life divert you from an adventure — even if it means a few ripped seams and grass stains.


Sometimes your looks or clothes act as a security blanket for you. While your closet and self are both beautiful, try a new fashion trend or a risky beauty look and see what adventures are out there. You may be surprised what you learn about yourself and what friends you could make.


You dress and act dependent on your mood. While everyone falls a little guilty of that, your mood swings may be a bit more often than typical. That's not a bad thing, but maybe try dressing according to the mood you want to feel. You might be surprised at how well it teaches you to harness your emotions.

Images: Disney