Britney Spears' Measurements Are A Thing We Know

Britney Spears has had a pretty interesting life. She's had her ups and her very, very public downs, and now for quite a while things have been pretty evened out. Still, given the sheer publicness of who she is people will still scrounge around for literally any new tidbit on her that they can find — including Britney Spears' measurements, which we now know and which we wish that we could erase from our brains because why the hell is that a thing?

We may be getting a little holier than thou with this right now — we do, after all, get paid to write news stories around celebrity tweets and celebrity haircuts — but the parade of body analysis that will undoubtedly trail after this "story" just makes us a little tired and a little sad.

Spears' measurements became public through a casting notice obtained by Hollywood Life, and you can read the exact measurements here if you are sufficiently curious.

Spoiler alert: Britney Spears is a petite person. Maybe not literally as petite as she was when she was 16 and starting out in the biz (aka before she pushed two kids outta her body), but pop star petite nonetheless. Knowing the exact weight, bra size, and hip and waist measurements does pretty much nothing that our own eyes couldn't do in terms of furthering our information about Britney Spears.

Now pardon us as we watch the "Work Bitch" music video for the 50th time.