12 Flower Crowns To Wear To Celebrate The '70s Style Resurgence This Summer

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One of the best ways to celebrate '70s summer style, I would argue, is to wear a flower crown. I always feel that my look is instantly a little bit more hippie-inspired and on trend when I throw one on my head. You always look like a cool girl if you've got flowers in your hair.

No matter what your hair color, texture, or style is, you can wear a flower crown. Most people will wear one with their hair cascading down their shoulders, but you certainly don't have to. Pairing it with a ponytail, braids, or even a bun will create an equally stunning effect. I love wrapping a flower crown around a large topknot — it's the easiest fancy updo ever.

If you wish you were born a '70s flower child as much as I do, here are 12 flower crowns you can buy to pay homage to the era.

Images: Courtesy Brands

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