12 Flower Crowns To Wear To Celebrate The '70s Style Resurgence This Summer

One of the best ways to celebrate '70s summer style, I would argue, is to wear a flower crown. I always feel that my look is instantly a little bit more hippie-inspired and on trend when I throw one on my head. You always look like a cool girl if you've got flowers in your hair.

No matter what your hair color, texture, or style is, you can wear a flower crown. Most people will wear one with their hair cascading down their shoulders, but you certainly don't have to. Pairing it with a ponytail, braids, or even a bun will create an equally stunning effect. I love wrapping a flower crown around a large topknot — it's the easiest fancy updo ever.

If you wish you were born a '70s flower child as much as I do, here are 12 flower crowns you can buy to pay homage to the era.

Images: Courtesy Brands


This true flower crown looks as if you picked it straight from your garden with it’s life-like flowers and leaf details.

Posy Flower Crown, $28, Anthropologie

Forever 21

Bold style is often best reflected in accessories, and this flower crown can add the perfect punch to any outfit. The mix of peach, white, and blue flowers in this crown will compliment a variety of color palettes and patterns.

Rose Flower Crown, $6, Forever 21


Daisies always remind me of the 1970s and this flower crown is no exception. If you’re wearing some bell bottoms or a fringe vest, this flower crown is basically required to top it all off.

With Love From CA Daisy Braided Flower Crown, $5, Pacsun

Urban Outfitters

I love how beautiful and bold the flowers are from this Urban Outfitters crown. The neutral colors can blend in nicely with the rest of your outfit, but the oversized blooms are still statement-making.

Watercolor Flower Crown, $18, Urban Outfitters

Nasty Gal

This Nasty Gal flower crown is the quintessential, classic flower crown with it’s adorable buds and lush greenery. If you want to look like a fairy princess, this is the flower crown for you.

Gardenhead Gypsophilia Flower Crown, $17, Nasty Gal

Charlotte Russe

Soft, pale blues are very trendy this summer, making this sky blue number a must-have.

Oversize Rose Flower Crown, $9, Charlotte Russe


Claire’s was my second home back in middle school but they have plenty of flower crowns that don’t look like made for a 13 year old. I love the bold teal color of these flowers.

Turquoise Flower Garland Headwrap, $7, Claire's

Ali Express

This flower crown is the essence of romance: It’s soft, pretty, and almost looks like it belongs in a dream. This flower crown is labeled as being fit for a wedding and I agree! If you’re a bride to be and searching for the perfect accessory, this is calling your name.

Wedding Flower Crown, $17, Ali Express

Wet Seal

If you love the idea of wearing a flower crown, but not the idea of referencing the 1970s, the is the perfect flower crown for you. The red flowers and rhinestones provide a fresh take on this classic item, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you like bold colors and originality.

Rhinestone Center Flower Crown, $6, Wet Seal


This ethereal flower crown from GoJane brings me right back to 1973. I love that this flower crown has a tail with leaves that allow you to use it in a braid, wrap it around a pony tail, or let it cascade down your shoulders.

Budding Beauty Flower Crown Headband, $9, Go Jane

Dolls Kill

Black flowers aren’t the typical choice for flower crowns, but they’re so badass. The price on this flower crown is also very reasonable so if you want to try it out and see how you like the slight gothic edge, you can do so on the cheap.

Flower Power Headband, $9, Dolls Kill

Flower Gypsies

If you’re into avant-garde fashion, this crown will be something you’ll want to add to your wardrobe immediately.

The Erica, $125, Flower Gypsies